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The Diplomatic King of Cups

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The Diplomatic King of Cups

Having the King of Cups show up in your reading usually means you are dealing with a cool, calm and collected kind of guy. He is definitely no drama queen and tries to live his life without having any of them around. He likes stability and shows a sense of maturity at a young age. He is the calming voice in the storm of life’s challenges. Of course, what is your greatest asset is usually your Achilles heel. Sometimes, they are just so calm, it seems they are not emotionally connected to the issue being dealt with at the moment. Even with that detached part of his personality, he is the guy you will want around when all hell breaks loose in your life!

The King of Cups has the perfect balance of logic, intuition and the ability to give what everyone needs. Their logic always comes first no matter what drama is going on around them or with whom. He has masculine energy that comes across as strong fatherly energy, but as willing as he is to offer his cup of wisdom to others, he is also very hesitant to share his own deep emotions. You may feel as though you have just engaged in a counseling session versus sharing time. There is always a part of himself that he holds back from others, not necessarily because it is a dark secret but it is by his nature that he prefers not to be an exposed book for all to read. He will always have some part of his life that he is secretive about and not have others personally know too much.

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When the King of Cups shows up reversed, that secret part of their personality can exhibit itself in moodiness, depression and unpredictable behavior. Because of his strong logical imprints, his ability to show compassion, not only for others but also for himself may not be his finest quality. His usual approach to being out of balance on feeling compassion, is to repress his emotions. He is very unlikely to share with you what is bothering him but prefers to work it out himself. It can leave you feeling a little left out, wanting to support your partner, family member or co-worker. The very worst behavior of a reversed King of Cups is someone who is vindictive and will at all cost make sure the person who he feels has wronged him is punished in some form, usually through his talent of emotionally manipulating others to see his point of view.

Career, Love, Money, Health, Spirituality

Career: Where work is concerned, the King of Cups is either your boss or a male co-worker who is very supportive of you. When this card shows up in regards to your career, it has all the indication that you are appreciated and respected for the work you do, with the help of those male co-workers. He also shows that things will be getting better at work soon.

Love: When the King of Cups appears, the news will always be in your favor. He is one of the Cup cards that shares love and good feelings in any romantic partnering. If you are looking for love to come into your life, he can indicate that a man with your happiness in mind is right around the corner. The Cups usually indicates someone of lighter coloring. This is a King that knows how to make a lady happy.

Money: The King of Cups showing up where finances are concerned is a need to learn how to deal better with budgeting their money. A generous personality, not only to others but especially to himself. He is not one to say no to the surround sound music system that goes on sale, whether it fits into his budget or not.

Health: The King of Cups is a reminder to trust in the recommendation that your healer or doctor makes and not just disregard sound advice. It usually represents good health but overindulgence can be an issue. Pay attention to how you are treating your body and what you are putting into it.

Spirituality: It is not uncommon to have mixed feelings about how you regard your spiritual beliefs. Trying to bring in the feminine qualities of compassion, love and concern along with the male energies of action, acquiring material things and wanting to have it all. How do you learn to be generous of heart while still pursuing your own desires? Setting boundaries is usually the issue the King of Cups deals with when it comes to their universal beliefs. Give to others or give to yourself? How do you do both?

Susan Z’s Verdict

Having a King of Cups showing up in your reading definitely brings strong foundations into all areas of your life. If you can overlook the secret closet, they go into, working out their own issues, while you wait outside, you will have a strong sense that someone will always have your back.

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  1. Always get the wrong message when try read more on bottom??? My first message said king of swords and read more then said king of cups so which is it? Always happens when get my message

  2. My email says my weekend tarot its the King of Swords. I go into the email and see it’s dated May 17, 2019 and says King of Cups..