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The Gift of Crystal Ball Divination

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The Gift of Crystal Ball Divination

I have an aunt that is the most amazing crystal ball reader. She can casually walk by one and even out of the corner of her eye, pick up images of future events or present situations. I am always amazed at how effortlessly this gift comes to her but as any gifted person who uses tools such as cards, crystal balls, runes, etc., it takes practice.

Clear natural quartz crystal balls with marks that look like cracks, inclusions and sparkling rainbows are best for clairvoyance. Each real quartz crystal ball is blessed with countless tiny imperfections throughout. Some people mistakenly think these are broken but ones that are totally clear inside are much harder to see images and for beginners, can be frustrating. Anyone can read a crystal ball with markings in it, as the cracks form physical images that help the psychic or clairvoyant’s eye to pick up the hidden psychic information they hold.

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Amethyst crystal balls are good for answering questions about healing and health, concerning the past, complex love relationships such as love affairs or step families, issues of guilt and blame, spiritual matters, private worries, fears, and addictions. Amethyst crystal balls are best read in moonlight or candlelight.

Rose quartz crystal balls are good for questions about love, family, animals, fertility, self-esteem, the home, and children. Best used in moonlight or soft natural light but not bright sunlight. Apparently, this crystal ball is not as effective when used with candlelight.

Guidelines to crystal ball gazing

Everyone has the ability to ‘see’ into other realms, the future and the present with these tools if you are open, relaxed and without having any expectations. With time and practice you will be able to see images like still photographs or moving film. Spirits may sometimes look into the crystal ball, talk to the it or even touch the crystal ball. Visions may even exist outside and surround the crystal ball on all sides. Everyone’s experience will be different. Here are some beginner guidelines for crystal ball gazing.

  1. Choose a crystal ball which appeals to you, but make sure it’s not too small. Bigger is definitely better, as it’s easier to concentrate on than a very small crystal ball. When you get your first crystal ball home, it’s a good idea to gently wash it in mild soapy water, just to clean away any excess energies. From this point on, only you should handle it and cover it when not in use.
  2. As in all use of tools for other worldly realms and spirit answers, protecting yourself from any negative energies being attracted to you is imperative. There are many ways of doing this, one is calling upon whomever you pray to and having them surround you in a bubble of white light protection, noting that what you see is only for the highest good of all involved. Cleansing the area with white sage is also a good idea.
  3. Light a candle so the light shines in the ball from behind you or work with sunlight or moonlight. Subtle and dim light is best. Turn the ball round in the light and allow pictures to form within the ball one after the other, using the cracks and lines within to make freely make shapes of animals, birds, stars, scenes and people.
  4. Focus on the question and any possible time frame, weeks, months or years. Look towards the center of the crystal ball and when you begin to see images, choose the clearest or largest image first. Ask those of the light to assist you in what is it saying about your question?
  5. Remember you are dealing with something intangible, so the message may sometimes be indirect. Don’t spend a lot of time trying to figure it out. Usually the first thing that pops into your mind is the right one. Keep choosing images until they are gone. Try to obtain as much detail as possible. If you cannot get much from the crystal ball images, close your eyes while holding the ball and see it in your mind.

Susan Z’s Verdict

It is all about exercising your Third Eye in reading the crystal ball. As time progresses, you will find that images come faster, are more relevant to your questions and easier to interpret. The big word of advice here is, “don’t doubt.” Whatever you are seeing, you are seeing. It may not make any sense to you at the time but may reveal its secrets later on. As with all gifts, using them as often as you can is what makes you better at it. You might just find you have a real knack for ‘seeing’ what the crystal ball wants to reveal.

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Originally posted May 9, 2018

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