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The Heart Chakra of Love & Compassion

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The Heart Chakra of Love & Compassion

In our chakra series, we have talked about three of the major chakras already (Root, Sacral and Solar Plexus), what they are and how to look after them.

As we are moving up on the chakra ‘ladder’, we are arriving at the Heart Chakra this week. It is our fourth chakra, one that’s located in our chest. Don’t mistake it for our heart organ though, as this energy center is in the center of our chest.

Its balancing color is green, occasionally pink. These two colors are also associated with the feelings themselves. Green stands for life itself, while pink is the color of pure love and compassion.

People say that the heart is the true center of our own universe, and they might be right. Especially because the heart chakra is responsible for our ability to love, to feel loved. It is our compassion center, as well as our connection to everything beautiful.

Healing your heart

When there is a blockage in the heart chakra, it can appear in two ways. Either the person is too emotional, hypersensitive, or not sensitive at all. Of course, the cases aren’t always this severe, but I’m sure you get the picture. When the chakra works perfectly, then everything is balanced out.

As with all the other chakras, this one can be easily healed, too. Wear green or pink, especially around the chest area, to help shift your frequencies. Precious and half-precious gems that are of the same colour can also help. Jade and rose quartz are the most suitable to do the job, but clear quartz and green calcite also work.

Keep a small piece in your pocket, in your wallet, or as a medallion. You can also meditate on the above-mentioned colours. As the element of this chakra is the Air, light a candle after anointing it with some essential oils. Rose, Ylang Ylang and jasmine work wonders when balancing out this chakra.

And don’t forget: love doesn’t only extend to others. It always has to start with you! Self-love is equally important.

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