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The Intuition Power: How Tarot Speaks To The Reader


Intuitive Tarot… How Tarot Speaks To The Reader

The interesting thing about a Tarot deck of cards is that is they are just that, a deck of cards. Nothing mysterious, made of hard card paper, done in hundreds of designs and energies. The magic comes when they are put into the hands of someone who connects their energy with those cards and their intuitive gifts to guide them. Intuition is our instinct, the seat of our emotions and what exists beyond our rational minds. This instinctive realm is completely unique to each of us and moves in accordance to our own specific, natural law. Intuitive hits come in all shapes and sizes; they may take the form of ideas, images, words, phrases, or simply strong gut reactions that cannot be ignored.

Intuition has been called many things—instinct, a hunch, following your heart, a gut feeling, or a sixth sense. It’s that feeling you get when you meet your best friend for the first time and think, “This person is pretty awesome.” Essentially, it’s a sense of “knowing” something without any kind of concrete evidence. You just… know. Intuition is something we all have—we’re born with it, and it’s powerful.

So, you have decided that you want to learn Tarot or even become a Tarot reader. Each Tarot deck has a little booklet inside the box that tells you how to lay down the spreads and what each card means, whether upright or reversed. Those are the mechanics of learning how to use a Tarot deck. You can even become very proficient at identifying the messages the tarot card spread is showing you but how a Tarot reader uses them is completely different in many ways and usually you can throw away the instruction booklet that came with the deck.

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A good intuitive reader has all the things listed below in common but personalized with their own gifts and of course what their life journey and purpose is also. Most readers can pick up on almost any subject and see what the cards are telling the person they are reading for. But many readers have areas where they excel in such as love relationships, personal growth, spiritual paths, etc. That is mainly why sometimes you connect with a reader and they just seem to know everything about you and then other times, you just can’t make that connection.

If you’re ready to have a conversation with your highest self—that divine connection to your soul’s path, purpose, and power—then intuitive tarot is a great place to start. Here are ways you can begin to let tarot speak to you and, most importantly, through you.

  1. The information from your intuition should flow freely and without struggle. You don’t need to have super power psychic abilities to feel at ease to what the cards are telling you.
  2. Don’t second guess what you have heard or seen from the cards. Just as who you are reading for, you may not understand the meaning of the message until much further down the road. Just say what you hear and see and let the dice roll the way they are supposed to. Your first thought and feeling about what the card’s message is should be taken for what it is.
  3. Usually a particular card will always give you the same feeling about any situation. The circumstances may be different but that card sends you a consistent message which you apply to the issue.
  4. Trust that you are being guided. If your heart is in the right place, you will definitely have assistance in interpreting the cards. You may have just come up with something that sounds ridiculous and never could happen, say it anyway. Even if you have to preclude it with, “I know this sounds crazy but”.
  5. Don’t go strictly by the book in definition of your card interpretation. Rebel a little and if you pick up something different than what the usual definition is, go with it.
  6. Practice, practice, practice. As with anything, the more you use the cards, the more connected you get with them and your intuition will automatically connect with them.
  7. Remember that if the cards aren’t clear right away, it might take time for your intuitive gifts to blossom. We all have it and it is truly about just surrendering and allowing your higher self to guide and direct you. The magic happens with you begin to interact with your deck. The tarot cards provide us with a tangible way to connect to our power, the power around us, and our intuition.

Susan Z’s Verdict

Intuition goes hand in hand with the Tarot deck. When I wanted to learn how to read Tarot, my teacher threw a deck at me and said, “give me a reading.” Having never even held a deck of Tarot before, I thought she was crazy but the reading didn’t turn out half bad, without me knowing what the cards meant. That is Intuitive Tarot.

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  1. Thank you for the message I follow my spirit guides and it is very helpful to guide me into the right direction.

  2. This is crazy…ive been soul searching alot this past year! I’m really considering tarot it could be my calling and the missing link to my new journey! I need to take the next step in my spiritual calling I know this is it! Once I’m in my new apartment I am going to search for the right deck of cards…how do you know what deck is right for you? Do you just know? Thank you from your most curious reader**Charlavon**

  3. Charlavon,

    Thank you for your comments. 7th Sense always appreciates your input on our articles. In choosing your tarot cards, you have to let them choose you. Find a deck or decks that make you feel all tingly inside when you look at them and hold them. If they are not right for you, you will feel the resistance. I went through 5 decks before I found the one I matched with. Many readers use multiple decks in their readings, it is by choice. Unfortunately we are unable to answer specific questions here on the stories page but if you would like to contact one of our amazing psychics they would be happy to help and they may just say the very thing that will guide you in your search. There are no wrong choice, only personal choices. https://www.7thsensepsychics.com/psychics.