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The Many Levels Of Soulmates


The Many Levels Of Soulmates

Reader advisers hear the word ‘soulmates’ more times than they can count when being asked about the connection between a prospective new love, a partner or an ex. To say the least, it is an overused definition of that perfect love connection between two romantic partners. Whether it is obvious in your life journey the imprints are from a past life contract that has yet to be completed or one that has come in as your support team, they are showing up with a purpose.

What most romantics want to believe is that soulmates only applies to romantic love. Coming together in heart energy to create a loving and caring partnership. But the reality of soulmate energy is there are many, many levels of relationships with people that cross our path to help us with our life lessons. They are considered soulmates because we have known them before in another time and place. We travel through many lifetimes with our set of close soulmates that we call soul family, switching roles from husband to wife, mother to daughter, supportive friend to someone who both accepted that would make your life miserable in order for you to grow strong or possibly learn forgiveness.

There are many different types of soulmates, coming into our life with a different role to play each time. Since we have no idea what the end game of two soulmates coming together might be, there is no specific length of time, staying in our life for a month or a lifetime. Some relationships are intense whilst others are casual and fun. We learn more during intense relationships, forcing us to work harder on our growth. What each soulmate type has in common is that they help us grow and they impart lessons. We do the same for them. Those intense connections do not last beyond what we have come to learn.

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The Soulmates that are agreed upon for a life journey fall into these categories.

  1. Friend soulmates. It is one that we are the most comfortable with. Some stay a lifetime, some come in to support and who we can confide in, some come in to betray, some just drift in and then out of our life rather quickly.
  2. Teacher soulmates. This is anyone who shows up to teach us lessons, whether they be in challenging situations or a loving supportive one. This person may or may not be a friend but could be your landlord, a work colleague, a competitor, neighbor, or even the person who crashed into your brand-new car.
  3. Companion soulmates. This is usually a deep, loving relationship with someone or a circle of a few that we relate deeply to. You know, the person(s) who really ‘get us.’
  4. Karmic soulmates. These associates can fall into any of the above-mentioned categories, sometimes bringing closure to old karmic debts or continuing a life lesson that was not quite finished from past incarnations. Best friends, family, co-workers, neighbors. Hate them or love them, they have a purpose.
  5. Twin soulmate reunions. This is sometimes called a twin flame connection, often mistaken for the ‘one’ who is destined to bring you happiness in this life or the missing piece. We only have ONE unique twin flame who was created at the exact instant we were from our larger oversoul. It is the one person who is our yin and yang in creation, the one we are spiritually connected to lifetime after lifetime. Not all twin flames incarnate at the same time, so not all get to meet theirs, although in this Aquarian era, we are seeing that a lot of twins are incarnating in the same lifetime, which is unique. Many discussions go around as to whether you believe this philosophy or not.
  6. New soulmates. We can have significant encounters with souls who we have not traveled through time with before. You have no prior spiritual contract, yet when you meet, there is a spark of interest and a strong desire to get to know them better. New soul connections usually come into play if you have completed all of your previous karma. You petition another soul on a higher level to see if that soul has any interest in helping you raise your levels. Sometimes the answer can come back a yes, but be prepared for some completely unpredictable results with that other soul, as you have never encountered them in any lifetime before.

Susan Z’s Verdict

Basically, the definition of a soulmate is someone that is involved in your life journey, (prearranged) and shows up in many personas and roles to assist you in learning what your soul came to experience. A great metaphysical teacher, now passed, Wayne Dyer, (paraphrasing) made the statement to bless every Napoleonic asshole that appears in your life, as they are your greatest teachers. Soulmates can be supporting and loving and also fall into the category of your worst nightmare. All are learning lessons.

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  1. I have encountered and fell deeply for my twinflame it was the hardest lesson in my life I learned a Lot about myself and learned to value truth and love and how selfish I was and I made a Lot of mistakes ..i wouldn’t change this experience it taught me to have patience and a love I’ll never give up and that self worth I needed to come to terms with and also found God along the way through my darkness..i choose my light over the darkness I thank him for crossing my path and I hope some day he will know thru it all it helped me xoxo miss him…

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