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The Meaning of Color in Tarot

color tarot

Today, the importance of color in our lives is very clear. Colors influence our feelings, even our thought processes. As I think about the profound effect color makes on us, I begin to ask myself: what role does it play in Tarot?

Color and meaning

As someone only beginning to understand the science of tarot, I have recently come to appreciate how important it is to develop an awareness of the power of color in interpreting what the cards tell us.

Colors in Tarot can give us further information and a more profound interpretation of the cards, and by trying to understand this fully the cards can activate our creativity and allow us to really absorb the energy in each reading. An awareness of the meaning of colors help to enrich and deepen the knowledge which Tarot contains and offers to each of us who seriously pursue it.

Breaking down the colors

Let’s start with Red. This color governs vitality and self-confidence. In the Tarot realm, it represents passion, action, aggression, pleasure, strength and love.

Orange is about harmony and intelligence. In Tarot it is known for its healing powers, happiness and confidence.

Yellow, worshiped in many cultures as representing the sun, is the color that rules creativity, intellect, positivity, good energy and clarity.

Green in Tarot is the symbol of a fresh start, money and health. It also denotes balance, harmony, and stability.

Blue is the color of spirituality and inner peace, freedom, imagination and inspiration.

The color Indigo in Tarot denotes energy – it is like an ocean, one of emotion and strength. In the aura, indigo signifies a seeker of spiritual truth. This colour helps us think on a deeper level.

Violet is the color of spirituality and peace. The color of royalty is associated with power and spiritual development.

The color Brown is the language of earthiness and quietness. It represents practicality and material success.

The meaning of color Grey in Tarot cards is about uncertainty and neutrality. It is the color of mystery.

White is the color of healing and protection. In Tarot, white stands for peace, purity, innocence and faith.

Pink is the psychological color. It represents unconditional love and nurturing.

Gold is the most powerful healing color.

Black in Tarot represents force, formality, stability, and the unknown. Black is the absence of color, all colors are included in black. It is the universal color; it used to be considered bad luck, evil and darkness.

The color in Tarot is not only a language; it is also a connecting path between a reading and reality. It can appear in a reading as a symbol or grab your attention in one of the suits.

Studying color, and the profound impact it has on so many elements of human life, can greatly assist in reaching a deeper understanding of a tarot reading.

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