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The Psychic Reading I Didn’t Believe – But Should Have!

psychic reading i should have believed

Story Time: The psychic reading I didn’t believe that changed the game for me

Lately I’ve given a lot of thought to my career as a reader and to my personal experience with Tarot and divination in general. This is article is inspired by my own experience and I would like to share it with you all, for it was a very valuable lesson to me! It taught me that all readings are valuable and that sometimes, as incredible as they might seem, it is better to put them into quarantine than to completely disregard them.

This particular reading that I’m going to talk about totally changed the game and allowed me to make better decisions when I found myself in a situation I never saw coming (but someone else did!)

The story goes as follows:

Sometimes, we psychics also need a psychic! Yup, it’s like the therapist of the therapist, or the veterinarian that treats the pets of other veterinarians. A different perspective is always a good thing! The case is, that it was the first time I was seeing this psychic in particular. And I didn’t like (Or believe!) what I was told.

To give you a little bit of background, I was going through a rough patch in my relationship, about to start a business with my closest friend with whom I had shared a lot and not in a very good financial position.

When I sat before the psychic and she started to lay her cards, the conversation went more or less like this.

“You’re in a relationship that is going to last for as long as you want, but it is not going to make you happy. By next year, you will have given up, and you will be dating a blond man that you’re going to marry.”

At that point, my face was like “Oh no, here we go, a “You’ll meet a tall, dark-haired stranger psychic.” But it didn’t end there! She went on.

“Getting into business with your friend is the worst idea you’ve had. He’ll betray you for money, and when it happens, nothing else will matter. It won’t be a huge financial loss, but the emotional impact will be higher.”

And in my mind I was like “Yeah right, my best friend is going to betray me… Tell me more!” And the next part, was what completely made me think that it was total nonsense.

Story continues below…

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“You don’t trust yourself to start this business solo, and you will get to the top of your game when your friend stabs your back.”

I felt that I had lost my money, my time, and that I had listened to the worst reading ever. After paying, I got up from my seat and never gave a second thought to that reading. Not until it all started to happen.

I started to get tired of being the only one maintaining my relationship. He wouldn’t put an end to it, but he wouldn’t make an effort to keep it. I started to think that perhaps, I had to be the one who put an end to things. I set a date and I promised myself that if by that day things hadn’t significantly improved, I would break up, and so I did.

I met the blond man (I had never liked blond men!) and I didn’t like him at first glance, and then I felt the pull to have a second date with him and it was like switching on the lights! And then… I found out through a mutual friend that my best friend was working our business behind my back and stealing money.

It wasn’t until then when I thought about the psychic reading I had totally dismissed! I confronted my friend and I got no answer at all, besides some “Leave my stuff by the door and my brother will pick it up.” When I kept talking to our friend about it, the reasons I got was that my beloved friend and business partner thought I was sending him all the clients because I was being lazy.

And it hit me. I was not being lazy, but when I was asked who was better for the job, I always said he was without a shadow of doubt. And that wasn’t true.

Today, many years later, I’m about to marry the blond guy, I never heard from my friend again, and the proverbial slap in the face made me realize that I had to stop thinking that others were better than me, and that allowed me to start making the decisions that with time, allowed me to make a living out of what I love the most.

Mind you, the “lousy” psychic has become a friend of mine and is now the one I go to every time!

Sibyl’s Verdict

The moral of the story is simple. When asking for guidance, always keep an open mind and take notes just in case! What about you? Have you ever had a crazy reading that became reality? Leave your experience in the comments!

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  1. Hi there! Thank you for sharing your experience! I wonder if you could tell me the name/contact information of the psychic who gave you that particular reading! I would be most appreciative.

    1. Hello Mary! I’m spanish – living in Spain – and this particular reading is spanish too. I don’t think she does readings in english but I could always ask!

      In the meantime, you can give a look to some great psychics here at!

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