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The Psychic’s View of President Trump

psychic view trump

Psychics Predictions On Trump’s Presidency and Impeachment

First of all, we want to say that 7th Sense honors and respects America’s freedom to vote for whom they feel is right for the presidency. This article is not meant to be political in any manner, so please keep that in mind when leaving replies. I am applying my intuitive understanding of people to the president. This is a psychic’s view of President Trump and the process of his impeachment. This article is to give you a perspective of what many psychics see in the future for Trump and how he managed to become president without political or military experience, or exceptional intelligence.

Many tend to find our president to be a mystery and this unknown mystery is his greatest calling card. Many psychics find him hard to read for one basic reason, he is Donald Trump acting like Donald Trump would act. He is always playing out his version of himself. When someone has put so much effort into appearing a certain way so many times, they start to believe it themselves. My view is that Trump’s mind is not open to tolerance, or to opinions different from his, and he has a singular belief that he alone is right and others are evil. He often claims others who differ from him are un-American.

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Across his lifetime, Donald Trump has exhibited a trait profile of sky-high extroversion combined with off-the-chart low agreeableness. While he often uses his great gift for humor, there is an anger that lies at the heart of Trump’s charisma. He loves a good confrontation, he thrives on chaos, which is the energy in the United States now. Fear of the unknown future, a glorious memory of a past geared for the privileged white. If you were not that, it was not so glorious. That is who he appeals to: “Make America Great Again” with the undertones that America is now less than great because of Mexican immigrants, terrorists, jobs being outsourced overseas and the gap between the haves and the have nots at an all-time high.

Does Trump believe he is a just person?

The most interesting thing most psychics say about Trump, is that in his heart of hearts, he truly believes that he is doing just things for Americans and wants prosperity for them. As long as it is only given to those who “deserve it”, (ie “true Americans” who have no immigrant ancestry). Which of course is near impossible as we all have roots of immigrants.

Trump making speech smiling
“While he often uses his great gift for humor, there is an anger that lies at the heart of Trump’s charisma.”

Psychics also pick up that he has the psychic gift of clairvoyance. He has an absolute knowing of what the people want to hear. And he does it with humor, though rarely with any kind of self-deprecation. For Example:

  1. “Sorry losers and haters, but my I.Q. is one of the highest – and you all know it! Please don’t feel so stupid or insecure, it’s not your fault”
  2. “Nobody has better respect for intelligence than Donald Trump.”
  3. “If Hillary Clinton can’t satisfy her own husband what makes her think she can satisfy America?
  4. “You know, it really does not matter what (the media) write as long as you`ve got a young and beautiful piece of ass.”
  5. “It may be elitist, and perhaps that’s what golf needs. Let golf be elitist. When I say “aspire,” that’s a positive word. Let people work hard and aspire to someday be able to play golf.”

Past lives and future predictions for Trump

Many psychics have seen visions of past lifetimes of Trump as both a king and a warrior, taking vows of vengeance and retribution. One of the greatest concerns gathered by many psychics is his ease and personal excitement with igniting rage in people in order to convey his message. Obviously, not all people felt rage when being excited by his messages, yet many aligned with this need to vent hatred.

The future is uncertain for Trump

Social psychologists claim there is new research showing Trump supporters are attracted to chaos. The majority of psychics warn his comedown won’t be pretty. Donald Trump is the King of Chaos. He is estimated to have lied at least 12,000 times since becoming president. His biggest downfall in leaving the office will be that his cognitive abilities will decline, as his public appearances sometimes suggest this has already started to happen.

A number of astrologers seem to agree that the upcoming Saturn-Pluto conjunction in January of 2020 spells bad news for Trump. He has broken so many rules while being in office trying to implement all his ideas and not knowing how to put them in force.

Here are a few predictions from other psychics about Trump. Only time will tell if they are allowing their personal feelings to affect their predictions

  1. He will die in office. This is not a wish to see this come to pass, only a psychic prediction.
  2. He will win a second term, but the Democrats will control both the House and Senate through his blunders, and they will manipulate the president as they see fit.
  3. If impeached, he will refuse to leave office and will put in appeal after appeal until he is ousted through another means.
  4. His destabilizing presence will cause a frenzy of assassinations attempts in order to overthrow established leaders throughout the world. (Trump included)

Susan Z’s Verdict

There you have it. I found it interesting that in doing my research, I could not find a psychic willing to define Trump’s Chakras. The only comment I could pick up was so dark, they did not want to get near the energy. All psychics have their own personal opinions and political viewpoints but this is the first time I have seen a unanimous verdict of every psychic I did research on or talked to. Trump is pretty tricky, so anything is possible. Always remembering that he is just a tool of the universe to see what is buried deep within us to be released into the light. It is Ascension energy and he is just another manipulative tool of our higher selves.

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    1. No ma’am they are all completely ? accurate as Claircognant I absolutely agree with all the other Psychic’s!

  1. Well I see this as accurate and right on point .
    I often wonder where I’m supposed to be . I’m trying to buy a home and I seem to always get one foot ahead then 5 steps back . I wish I could manifest as well as others

  2. I am sad to see this insided article. Mr Trump is accused so many awful things. Yet he is the one taking care of your veterans. Which other president gave up their salary to help your veterans. You economy is growing. I am not an American but I will say when my husband and I applied to immigrate we were told no because we firstly did not qualify on age. My husband 42 and me 32. We have sat and watched all the impeachment trials. We watched since Mr Trump came into power. We watch the news as the Democratic Political Members promoted terrorizing anyone that was republican. Obviously this is Democratic physics opinion.

    1. Vote Republican and you will end up in the graveyard. Unless you’re rich and white, then you’re in.

  3. The prediction about Trump is horrible. He is the best that could have happened to America. Americais prosperous now thanks to the president.the article is written by a liberal person full of lies. It is simply disgusting.

    1. No I disagree. Trump is not the Great White Savior, he is driving this country into the ground. And I’m tried of him ALWAYS mentioning Obama, it’s disgusting

  4. If you think that that article was not 100% Political you need re-read it & go back to school. Donald Trump has done more for our Country than any other President in the past & using his own money to do so. He only wants to get rid of the corruption which he is doing. Take me off your mailing list like all of the other Republicans that read this BS

  5. Cancel my subscription. You like the Hollywood liberals have no place telling anyone what to think or do. I am ashamed.

  6. Hi….

    A friend who studied political astrology approached me with disturbing news in August of 2016. I was informed about Hilary C’s chart. Then, I was told that Trump’s chart revealed coming into great personal power during that time. I knew what was to happen during the election-very hard to bear. Yet, I question power because there is light & shadow regarding all attributes. 20/20…..great vision during an examination…this gives the rest of us a chance to learn discernment through many different lenses. Can 7 sense stories elaborate on coming into power on a chart & what that really means? Smiles, L.

  7. Dear 7th Sense Readers,

    We apologize to those pro-Trump supporters who have been offended by this post. Those in power do both good and not so good things. All the information gathered was from many, many psychics foreseeable future based on his own history of current events. It was not written from just one psychic’s perspective.

    7th Sense customers who are pro-Trump certainly have a right to be pro-Trump in their politics. President Trump is a hot-button topic in any forum but staying open-minded and respecting another’s opinion is what “Makes America So Great.” God Bless that we can live in a country that we can express another;’s opinion without fear of being imprisoned or worse. Let us all remember that regardless of who we vote for and who is in office!


  8. Well I can tell from the comments that there are a lot of closed minded individuals. I too sense that DJT will be the tool of his own downfall. As to him taking care of our Veterans, he has not. He cuts funding in ALL departments that offer care to veterans as well as elderly. His recent cut has been with the CDC, by 80%, and there is a potential pandemic on the horizon, so what better way to eliminate those that are not privileged and white…Welcome to America, land of those that don’t give a shit