The Reliable and Productive Knight of Pentacles

knight of pentacles

The Reliable and Productive Knight of Pentacles

If you are looking for a partner you can count on to be there during bad times and good, the Knight of Pentacles would be your man. He will pursue you to the ends of the earth and then do everything in his power to plan a wonderful future for you. He is tireless in his drive to accomplish what he wants to achieve, acquire or have in his life. If you have been involved with partners in the past where you never knew quite where you fit into their lives or how they felt about you, this Knight will make it clear right from the beginning that you are what he wants and usually by the second date, has your whole life planned out…where you are going to live, how many kids both of you would like and where you would like to retire. I am not kidding! They are the ultimate steady-eddy planners you can depend on, rain or shine.

If you are looking for a little adventure in your life, want an open minded free spirit that is willing to take chances in life, open for a change in scenery when boredom seems to set in when your higher self is nudging you that it is time to take a new career position, move across country or abroad; he is definitely that rock you can depend on….except when it comes times to go after something that is unexpected or that he feels financially unsafe making that change.

The reversed Knight of Pentacles can be a message that you or who you are in involved with is becoming too much of a perfectionist in how things are being dealt with in their life. Perhaps you have discovered that you have lost your spontaneity and have become overly conservative and resistant to change. You may prefer just to stay at home while others are out having fun and taking risks. That isolation of not getting out there with friends or your partner anymore can eventually become more than a habit but a way of life. Try to get out more and be open to new experiences.

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In general, this Knight suggests to take a closer look at your daily mundane duties, paying more attention to the repetitive and normal parts of your life. Balance would be a good word, not too much OCD’ing and not too much getting stuck in a rut.

Career, Love, Money, Health, Spirituality

Career: Stay true to your way of how you work in your career. Drastic change of direction in your career right now, is not the path to take. Maybe later but tried and true is the answer for job security. If you are looking for work, definitely present a dependable energy in your interviews. The approach of “I can be anything you want me to be for your company” will not go over well.

Love: There is no doubt the Knight of Pentacles is a solid partner without a lot of foolishness or childish behavior but also remember to keep the spontaneity in your relationship. Love is not always wine and roses and will hit some rough spots. Remember why you love this person and break out of your settled routine you have with each other.

Money: When the Knight of Pentacles appears where finances come up, it usually means that you can expect money that you did not see coming. It could be almost anything; a raise, a lottery win or an inheritance. The card is usually a messenger of good news where money and finances are concerned.

Health: Relating to health, this is one place the Knight of Pentacles suggests the daily mundane routines will work to the best. Do a checklist on what you are doing that is healthy for you and what isn’t, then ramp up the healthy things. Look into supplements, get more sleep, do anything that even resembles exercise a few times a week. Start looking into small changes and if you start feeling better, add more to it. Eventually you will find that you have a steady and consistent routine focused solely on you being healthy.

Spirituality: When the Knight of Pentacles shows up in your spirituality sector, that tried and true spiritual routine you have established and relied on forever may now not seem enough or you are questioning why you are still practicing the rituals and is there anything else out there that would make you feel like you used to feel with your old beliefs. You may find yourself suddenly spiritually overwhelmed, searching for different answers.

Susan Z’s Verdict

The Knight of Pentacles has many good qualities in being someone you can depend on and trust. I call him the steady-eddy of all the Kings and Knights. If you have someone that still has that playful inner child thing going, it is a great combination. The disappointment comes with oneself or with your partner, when you realize your dependability has turned you into a boring old man long before your time.

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