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The search for Malaysian Airline Flight MH370 on hold.

Malaysian Airline Flight MH370

The search for Malaysian Airline Flight MH370 on hold.

After a three-year search, Malaysia, Australia and China have ceased trying to locate the missing airline flight MH370 which was carrying 239 passengers. The jet lost contact and disappeared mid-flight over the Gulf of Thailand (between Kuala Lumpar and Beijing) in March 2014.

Abdul Aziz Kaprawi, Deputy Transport Minister of Malaysia said that their Government is open to working with private companies and has offered a reward to any who find the jet’s fuselage. Since the Malaysian airline was registered in Malaysia then the country carries the ultimate responsibility future funding for further searches.

Since the tragedy, experts have studied radar and satellite contacts which have been analysed extensively, various theories have emerged that someone on board the plane switched off its transponder before diverting it over the Indian Ocean, thousands of miles from the scheduled route.

The families of the passengers on the flight are not happy with the findings or that the search has been suspended. Sadly, until new evidence emerges then it will remain on hold.

Véronique’s Verdict

The loved ones of the passengers have been in limbo for the past three years and there have been no answers and no closure. Specifically, we are looking at the next phase in the search for answers.
The cards drawn care the Moon, the Hermit and the Seven of Wands.

The Moon
This brings uncertainty and fear of the unknown. Fate can be cruel and the path ahead can seem frightening and treacherous. Closure is needed in order to move on.

The Hermit
This represents the loved ones of the passengers and the void that has been left. This is the time for withdrawal and looking within for the answers. A resolution will be found but now is not that time.

The Seven of Wands
This represents the Malaysian Government who are seeking justice for all involved. Although the search has come to an end for now, the Government is working with private companies who will continue the search on behalf of all involved. There are challenges indicated within this card but there is also a sense of defiance that the search will not stop until all questions have been answered and there is a sense of closure.

Although there is nothing new is shown in today’s cards, Malaysian officials are not ready to lay this to rest. There is a continued effort as they seek to find answers. Our prayers are with the lost and their loved ones.


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