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The Shadow Side Of The Devil Tarot

The Devil Tarot Card

The Shadow Side Of The Devil Tarot

When the Devil tarot card comes up in a reading spread, I immediately know there is something that is not being addressed from fear or negative thought patterns. Not saying it is a terrible sign and no hope, as there is always hope for change to the better. But what this card always signifies is work is needed to address something in your life that is bringing you unhappiness or fear. It is a card that is trying to give you a wakeup call and urge you to bring your life into the energy of loving self-containment.

The Devil card represents your shadow side of self-doubt, negative thoughts and actions that hold you back from being the best version of yourself. It may be habits of dependencies, destructive behavior, co-dependent relationships or addictions. Short term satisfaction out of need stemming from fear based on untruths given to you by others when you were growing up. You are choosing a path of instant gratification, giving into fears and desires, even if it is at the expense of your long-term well-being. The Devil tarot card often appears when you have been tricked into thinking that you have no control over your shadow self or these negative forces and you can never be free from their hold.

In the reversed position, it represents self-judgement, emotional detachment and the inability to be aware of those around you and the effect you are having on them. Dark thoughts, hopelessness and a sense of no way out of a fearful or negative situation. The longer you hold onto the fear, bad habits or negative thoughts, the harder it will be to be free of them.

In general, it is important for you to remember that no matter what your situation, you always have options to choose from. At all times, you have choices and even if what you are facing seems hopeless in the moment, there is always a way out of the dark thinking and situation, but you must first believe it to be so. Then begin taking action through baby steps until you begin to see the glimmer of hope for change to the better.

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Career, Love, Money, Health, Spirituality

When the Devil tarot comes up where Career is concerned, it shows you may feel trapped in a job you dislike but feel you can’t move on in fear of losing your financial security. Being miserable in a job will eventually take its toll in every area of your life and the reality is, no job, pension or position is guaranteed. Time to get brave and look elsewhere if the situation cannot be fixed.

If the issue of Love and romance is being addressed, if you are in a long-term relationship, there may be a feeling of being trapped with no way out. If you are single, it usually carries the energy of desperation and the belief that you are less than out of a relationship than in one. Regardless of the quality of that relationship and what you may have to put up with to be in it.

When Money is being looked at in a reading and the Devil tarot card appears, it shows a fear with lack of financial security. It might also predict that money may get tight in the near future and to be penny wise in your spending.

If Health is being looked at, it could indicate that you are pushing your body too hard with excess work, bad eating habits or too much stress. It can also point out an addiction of some sort with alcohol, drugs, sex or something like it. It is a sign that you know you are not taking care of your body the way you should but still not addressing it.

In Spirituality, reminding you to bring your thinking back to a positive mindset. It is the ONLY way to move out of the control the ego is placing on you through fear and negative thinking. Positive affirmation tracks, uplifting and spiritual books and movies will always help. Be alert to who you spend your time with. Are they upbeat and positive or always using you for their misery by being judgmental, critical of you and always gossiping about others. You always feel like you have been emotionally beat up and depressed after spending time with them. Those kinds of influences are what keeps you from changing your life to a happier state and how you feel about yourself.

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Susan Z’s Verdict

Seeing the Devil card show up in your reading should not be viewed as a frightening card of doom and gloom. It is a card to interpret as a message from your higher self that it is time to learn where your true strength comes from, within you and your connection to that awesome self that can pull off anything if you just believe in yourself and get beyond the fears of the unknown. Never give up hope on you or that miracles do happen!

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  1. Ty are you a fly on the wall in my room.?
    Spot on with that devil card reading. It read just as clear as I thought over and over and again over. Ooooooook now what yes my higher me power sees these needs need to be tended to. And yet the dark reigns superior to that me. And those dark negitive feelings are soaking the lives of all who are present in my life.
    And it will scar the most impressionable of my heart. And I can never say I am sorry so sorry for bringing all the sadness into your soul.
    Ty Gail

    1. I grew up thinking sex was love. My whole life I’ve slept with men looking for my true love. From age 11 till about five yrs ago. Now I’m single again and once again I’m torn between a great guy and a guy that’s probably not as good for me as I’d like. But I cant and/or dont want to chose. Of course I’m sleeping with one guy, the other one I cant see in person until after7/14. So I’m not sure what to do. Neither guy knows of each other. I hate being a cheat. But im just not sure what to do. Dawn

  2. 7th Sense always appreciates your input on our articles but unfortunately we are unable to answer specific questions here on the stories page. In these hard times of quarantine rules, loss of jobs, financial concerns and separation from family and friends, we are all feeling a little lost and wanting to slide into a place of no hope and staying in desperation.
    Remembering that we are not alone going through these hard times. Ask for guidance through prayer, meditation or whatever form of divine communication you use. Also, contacting one of our gifted psychics for guidance and answers may help you see solutions that have been hidden from you because of stress and worry.
    Psychic Susan Z