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The Soulmate Connection


The Soulmate Connection

The intensely electrifying euphoric connection that occurs between two people doesn’t quite do justice to the not so humble soulmate connection. Transcending boundaries, age, gender and sexual orientation, when it’s time for a soulmate to enter your world, you will know about it!

When people talk about meeting their soulmate, they describe an astonishingly powerful pull that feels beyond their control. Hearing about it is one thing, but actually feeling it is quite something else. And the subject of whether this is unrequited pie in the sky yearning is a non-issue. Quite simply, you ‘just know’ that your potential significant other feels the same without the need to have a conversation about it.

It’s telepathy!

And on the subject of the newly loved-up soulmated lovebirds, it does not occur to them that they are in too deep, or that it’s too much too soon. Their free time increasingly becomes about texting and talking about their oneness and the newfound belief that soulmates exist without question. They are their very own jailer, holding the key and free to release themselves at any time. But they don’t want to. And now? Everywhere they venture are people talking about soulmates and twin flames. The unbreakable tie that binds. The mystical external force. Physically, spiritually, psychologically speaking, this wonderful person who is the polar opposite of their usual type, with little in common defies logic.
And so, have you met your soulmate and if so, what constitutes a soulmate connection?

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Well, for a start there is less of a need for validation. You don’t feel it necessary to seek guidance from your ‘go to’ people to the same degree, although you do feel it necessary to regale all with annoying (for them) anecdotes. They are your friends, and they love you. Furthermore, no one has given you a hard time. No sprinting through the peanut gallery hand in hand. With a soulmate you don’t have to explain, and you can empty all ludicrous thoughts into conversation without cause for ridicule or embarrassment. Since we mentioned telepathy, you were just thinking about them and they called you. When you’re together, there is less of a need for dialogue. There is a depth of unspoken emotions and you embrace your soulmate into your space, boundaries simultaneously intact and merged. Could you feel any closer? You exist inside each others body, heart and soul. Perceived uncomfortable conversations take place without the drama or discomfort and without having to compromise personal values or your belief system.
Could you be so different and so in sync?

A soulmate connection is not sycophantic. No power struggles. No game playing. You don’t have to worry about treading on eggshells or keeping the peace. You don’t consider that words or actions will be thrown back and used as evidence should there be a future spat, although time will tell with this one. You feel their strength in the gentlest of ways and have no desire to hurt them, or test their loyalties. A soulmate connection says it’s OK to be different, perhaps one of you thrives on social media, while the other prefers a more private existence, under the radar. Any stresses or difficulties are diminished with one word from the other, or a solitary text, in one fell swoop.

Diana-Julie’s Verdict

A soulmate connection feels immediate and it is possible to have more than one in your lifetime. A love partner, friend or parent-child connection all fall within the soulmate category. There can be a feeling of deja vu and that you have crossed paths before. It is a connection without agenda. A soulmate inspires you to be your best, or rather the best version of yourself. Their behaviours match what you would like for yourself, for the future. You may consider that before now, you really have not experienced love. Deep in your soul you know unquestionably that this is the one.

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Diana-Julie is an international life coach and spiritual counselor.  She has worked with numerous people globally in their quest for personal empowerment and manifestation of dreams. A Reiki Master and natural healer, her personal passions of writing and spirituality serve to assist in removing obstacles for those seeking her guidance.

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  1. This hit the spot. I just heard I love you from my soulmate. This story explains so much!!

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