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The Sound of Music ‘Liesl’, Charmain Carr RIP.

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The Sound of Music ‘Liesl’, Charmain Carr RIP.

Sad news today of the passing of Charmain Carr. Charmain is best known as Liesl the eldest Von Trapp daughter in the Sound of Music Movie. It was confirmed that Charmain had suffered from a rare form of dementia prior to her passing. Charmain was Born in Chicago in 1942. She was actually 21 years old when she sang the famous song, “I Am Sixteen Going on Seventeen.” Having never had a singing or acting lesson prior to the show, she rose to fame through the movie.


Despite the incredible and unexpected success of the sound of music, her Movie career was short lived. Her only other film credit was in 1966 in a TV movie called “Evening Primrose”. The Movie was about a secret society of people who live in a department store. It received an IMDB rating of 7.8/10 which is pretty decent. Charmain left show business after the Movie wrapped and took to interior design. She became very successful in this field, whose clients included the late Michael Jackson.


As I have said before. It would be in very bad taste to do a Tarot reading for someone who has passed. And mediumship is something which should be done face to face as it is a very personal and private experience. The grief of a loved one who has passed is something which many people who come to 7th Sense are suffering. Grief is a very natural but painful rite of passage in life. It is as much a part of life, and just as natural as birth is. Rather than focusing on the loss of someone, we should try to focus on the gifts they brought to our lives. Through us, they live on. Because we carry their memory in our hearts, they get to be here another day, through us.


To the eyes of the world, Charmain Carr, will always be 16-year-old Liesl Von Trapp. She brings us to the freedom of youth that we all once enjoyed. This will be her legacy long after she is gone. A happy free gentle teenager. What a wonderful memory to leave to the world. Charmaine is now a part of all our childhoods, and will always be connected with childhood innocence. We wish to express our sincere condolences to her family and friends at this sad time. From all here at 7th sense psychics, may she rest in peace.


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