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The Spiritual Gift Our Pets Give Us


The Spiritual Gift Our Pets Give Us

What would we do without them! They make us smile when we are sad, laugh when we feel the world has wronged us and unconditionally love us regardless. Rub their belly and they yours forever! They are incapable of holding grudges and show appreciation and love unabashedly and UNCONDITIONALLY! That is the role that pets play in our lives and also make us aware of the ones who are not so well off or abused.

I have always been in awe of pet whisperers and pet psychics. I remember when my favorite cat Rosie Girl, who was 22 years and still spunky as a kitten, one day just stopped functioning. What I would have given to have known that she was in pain with cancer through her communication with me. But all I could do was take her to the vet and be told she only had a few weeks left. There is a spiritual belief that all animal communicators were once incarnated in animal form. I believe it.

So how are our pets that spiritual gift from the Universe and help heal us? There is no greater healing power in the Universe than that of unconditional love and our pets heal by transmuting energies. Even when we feel overwhelmed with life, our pets still have a way of showing and reminding us that we are strong enough and capable to overcome anything because they love you. When we are filled with anger or blame, they will sit joyfully at our side, changing that energy to one of contentment and peace. When we feel shame, guilt, or unworthiness, they look at us and see only perfection. Our pets have the ability to see the light of the God Spark within us that we are made of, the light we knew before we were born. When we lose sight of that Divine light within us, they remind us of it with their unconditional devotion. It is also said in some spiritual circles that a loved one or even a spirit guide, will incarnate as a pet because it is the best, and perhaps only, way to share a lifetime with us.

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When we choose to take human form, our primary goal is to learn how to give and receive love. Earth is our school where we learn these lessons of love. Some of our teachers? We call them dogs, birds, cats and horses. Yet, love is still love. The bond between a pet and their caretaker is often so deep and profound, resonating in a way that we sometimes find hard to share with another human because of past hurts. They have no ego, no baggage and their connection with the Divine only comes on one level, unconditional. We may caretake them but in return, they soothe our souls in their giving of unconditional love for you.

The more we open up to the spiritual gifts our pets give us, the more they can share those gifts. Animals are great healers and you will usually always find light seekers and workers with animals in their home or helping them with their healing work. Healers have an instinctive knowing what talents and joy they bring to others from their animals. Healers sometimes give too much of their own energy away helping others but animals can transmute stress. They are like a spiritual mop up crew who have the ability to come into our consciousness and balance the emotional turmoil of the day. The scientific community has validated this concept. Studies have been done that show people with a pet recover faster from health issues or that elderly pet owners live longer, healthier lives than non-pet owners.

The consciousness of the human is mirrored by the consciousness of our pets. When we are about to make a spiritual leap in consciousness, an animal may come into our life to represent that shift and to aid in that transition. If we already have pets and are going through a transition, sometimes the animal may take on that shift and have a health challenge, may run away or even die. If you are a metaphysical, you can trust that your pet’s soul has been drawn to you in order to benefit from your level of consciousness. The animal’s energy is being raised up, perhaps because it desires to make the leap from one species to the other in its next incarnation. You are supporting that animal in preparing for that leap. In return, your pet is serving you tirelessly on a subconscious level. There is a wonderful and harmonious balance that will exist between you both.

Susan Z’s Verdict

When we have a loving respect for all forms of life; human, animals and vegetation, then we have an understanding of what Divinity is…. unconditional love of all life forms created by Divine intelligence and experienced through us.

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Susan Z Rich is an emotional addiction counselor, spiritual intuitive and holistic therapist. She counsels others to see life in a more positive way and teaches personal accountability for life choices. She is also the author of several children’s books and Soul Windows…Secrets From The Divine. (life cycles) Learn more at her website: www.szrwhitewings.com

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