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The Strong Connection Between Magick and Prayers

magick and prayers

Magick and Prayers

Ultimately, there is no difference between spells and prayers. Wicca rituals, which we all do even in the slightest way is a form of prayer to the higher realms. The subtle differences are how we approach the energy that co-creates everything in which we exist in but the results are the same. Asking for assistance to bring forth a God Spark that already exists within us can and should be utilized to bring about what our heart desires. Belief and attitude are everything in the ultimate outcome.

Spells and prayers are exactly the same in the energy of deliberately directing your attention (and creating your own reality) to create a measured act to come about in your life. They both begin a process of co-creating your capacity for a self-fulfilling prophecy. All deliberate acts, be they conscious actions, prayers or spells, by directing attention to create a reality from the infinite potential which is the energy within you, the God Spark, spirit, the Presence or awareness of being one with whom you are co-creating with.

Having said what is the same, here is what is difference in the approach of creating what you want in life either through prayer or casting spells through ritual.


Prayer is a devout energy of directing your attention to create the reality you are desiring by sending your expectations and gratitude as though you have already received it to an external creative power that you are praying to. Prayer is a sacred time for you to get closer to the Divine, to connect and integrate your spirit with Source.

This power (God or whomever you pray to) engages your ability to direct your attention (creating a new reality for you) by you treating this creative power you have within and making a connection with an external power that can be prayed to and then creating that self-fulfilling prophecy.

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This energy then receives your connection and ultimately sends back to you what you believe you are deserving of receiving. All prayers are answered, it is just how you receive them is completely relied on the manner you are praying for. For example: you pray for a relationship, a new house, a car, a new job.

Guaranteed they show up some form but it is your definition if what you are praying for is founded in happiness or struggle. It will arrive as you unconsciously embrace the definition of what it is and has always been to you. This is how magick and prayer are the same in drawing to you what your energy will hold.


How Magick works is simple. Just as there are Laws of Physics and Laws of the Universe, there are laws of magick. There are four magickal laws which are connected to an understanding of the four elements; air, fire, water and earth. Magick is the application of energy using psychic forces in order to create change for a specific, desired outcome. Everything is connected. “As above, so below.” In other words, a movement in the heavens will cause a corresponding movement down on earth by tapping into the four elements.

The Universe has infinite energy and abundance. Everything is energy, and you can tap into this infinite source of energy and abundance at any time. Magick is within you. It all starts with your subconscious mind. Every thought is a prayer and every word a spell. There are several types of magic and it is just about learning how to make them work for you just as you have seen your prayers answered. But in magick, you must draw to you the elements beyond words to make your desired outcome become your reality. Listed below are a few types of Magick that are used in ritual.

Candle Magick
Color Magick
Elemental Magick
Herbal Magick
Crystal & Gem Magick
Food Magick
Healing Magick
Dream Magick
Angel Magick
And many other forms of magic as long as it does no harm and is in the light.

Susan Z’s Verdict

I personally believe in both and have seen both used and work, in creating a desired manifestation. Prayer is just as powerful as Magick rituals, it is your belief foundations that make one or the other or both work for you. Magick has a little more control to it, as you are drawing to you the four elements to help create what you want but prayer usually comes with the energies of angels and guides bringing with them all four elements. My personal opinion here is apples for oranges, both powerful, both effective and you can use whatever you are comfortable with or both. I like both. I pray but I also light candles, use energy pyramids, crystals and a myriad of other rituals along with those prayers.

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