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The Strong Control Of The Emperor Tarot Card

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The Strong Control Of The Emperor Tarot Card

Whenever I see the Emperor Tarot card come up in a reading spread, I immediately know I am looking at someone who is strong willed, focused, demanding of self and others and a strong desire to be top dog in any situation. None of these characteristics are neither bad nor good but the energy has an unbending quality to it.

If it is strength of character and determination you need to hear about yourself or partner, it is a good card to pull. If you are trying to find your own strength within and an Emperor is in your life, maybe not so good as it may indicate control issues over you or your life situation.

The Emperor Tarot card usually represents structure and stability being able to create order out of chaos by carefully controlling his thoughts and mapping out what needs to be done to solve the problem.

He is a systematic and strategic thinker and is highly organized and coordinated in his approach to his life and also to the lives of others. He sticks to a plan and ensures he sees it out until the end. This card also indicates a strong desire to see your wants and needs manifested on the physical plane in the form of material gain or accomplishment.

Domination of the Mind over the Heart

The Emperor also reflects rules and regulations and likes to operate within a defined structure with set boundaries. He respects routine and follows a specific regimen or discipline.

This card also indicates domination of the mind over the heart. The Emperor is a powerful leader or thinks they are who demands authority and dominance. He is most comfortable in a leadership role where he can command and direct others. He likes to be in a position of strength, where he can exert control and bring a sense of organization to his life or whomever he may be involved with.

As a leader, he rules with a firm but fair hand but in a romantic situation or as a life partner, they can be difficult to live with as they are usually hard to please and dominant. The Emperor will listen to the advice of others but he will always want to have the final say. You may feel that this man sort of “rules with an iron fist” and that can be frustrating at times, but usually he is just trying to help you to see that rules have their place and their reasons so you will come out all the better for it.

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Career, Romance, Finances, Health, Spirituality

In Career, the Emperor Tarot card is a great card to pull as it shows dedication and determination to get ahead. If pulled inverted though, it may represent arrogance, unbending willfulness and stubbornness to authority.

In Romance, if you are not comfortable with a take charge kind of guy, then the Emperor is not a good match for you in a long sustaining relationship. All too often this card comes up in a love reading where power was mistaken for control. It can indicate jealousy, demeaning treatment or sometimes abuse. In a positive partnership, he represents someone you can always count on to be there for you and get whatever is needed done in your relationship, as long as it is done his way.

In Finances, the Emperor usually shows a need for more discipline, logic, and order to make your finances work better for you. Are you treating your money with respect? Do you know how much you have, where it is going, and so forth?

In regards to Health, drawing the Emperor usually indicates more discipline is needed in regards to the overall health of your body. Suggesting that you take more charge of what you eat and how you care for your body.

When this card is drawn within the foundations of Spirituality, it indicates to take time out for yourself in order to honor your need for spiritual growth. Stop focusing on your left-brained aspects (logic, reason, order,) and allow your right brain to take charge for awhile. Releasing a little logic to get a whole lot of spiritual insight back.

Susan Z’s Verdict

Depending on how this card is drawn and what part of your life you are addressing, the Emperor can be a strong supportive, take charge male energy. If drawn inverted, I have found it usually indicates closed mindedness, intolerance and control issues depending on what your supporting foundation cards are. Not my favorite card, as you can tell, especially when it comes to troubles in love and partnerships. Being involved with an Emperor can be tricky and it takes a strong woman to match their need to be right. If not, you usually have an imbalanced relationship.

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