The Sun in Leo is All About Being Your Own Cheerleader

Inspire yourself and those around you with the energy of the sun in Leo

We have moved into Leo season. The Sun is at home in Leo and this is where the Sun is at its best. Although the Sun is happy here, it won’t necessarily be the easiest energy to tap into. Saturn and Jupiter are in Aquarius which is the opposite of Leo. Uranus, which rules Aquarius is currently in the sign of Taurus meaning that if you have significant Leo placements in your natal chart, you will be experiencing lots of square energy. Squares can be difficult because it’s asking that you learn from your mistakes. This week’s transit does have its strengths and opportunities, but remember to learn the lessons that come from tough situations.

However, the sign of Leo is dramatic and firey. Its fixed energy means it consistently shows up with warmth and generosity. You’ll be feeling celebratory and inspired, just make sure you’re celebrating real accomplishments based in reality and not things or ideas that haven’t manifested yet.

What the Leo new moon means for us

The New Moon in Leo joins the Sun on August 8th, 2021. Moon energy is internal and private. It’s focused on new beginnings and going within in order to activate new intentions. The New Moon is about receiving and downloading information and insights instead of being action-oriented and pushing out energy. Use the New Moon time to be intentional towards expressing your feelings in a positive and uplifting way.

Sun and Mercury squares and oppositions may make this week feel uncertain

The Sun is also squaring Uranus at this time, an aspect that represents surprises and putting yourself out there in a way that warrants a reactionary response. It’s also opposing Saturn which is in retrograde. We could be finding ourselves at odds with situations and people that feel restrictive while also focusing too much on our insecurities. Yet this won’t stop us from showing up in the world in a big way. Just don’t be too critical of yourself and your flaws. In whatever way you present yourself to others, be authentic always.

Mercury is also in the mix of things, conjuncting the Sun and Jupiter retrograde opposing. The facts are being exaggerated. Whether it’s coming from you, your coworkers or the media, information is being overemphasized. Be mindful of the information you’re putting out or what you are believing.

Venus in Virgo is about to examine your likes and dislikes

Venus is in the sign of Virgo, hyper analyzing and being critical. This is an uncomfortable placement for Venus since it is trying to find pleasure and fulfillment through Virgo’s discerning and detail-oriented microscope. Virgo wants preciseness and things to be exact, while Venus just wants to relax and indulge. You’ll have the desire for self-improvement, but be careful of harsh self-judgment while trying to level up.

Look to your natal chart to see what areas of life these energies are playing out for you.

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