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The Supportive And Positive King of Wands Tarot

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The Supportive And Positive King of Wands Tarot

I always like to see the King of Wands show up in a reading, whether it represents the energies that are going on around you or a particular person who fits the energetic pattern. He is an upbeat energy who wears his passions and heart on his sleeve and if you have one in your life who is well balanced, consider yourself lucky to experience a life situation with them being involved in it.

People gravitate towards this particular King as they instinctively know he is a natural born leader and will get what he wants, do what is necessary to make it happen and will do it very well. He is also a master at being able to get other people to do his work for him, all the while keeping them charmed enough to complete what he wants done. He likes challenges because of the natural rush of adrenalin that comes with solving a difficult problem and then getting the solution he is looking for that will benefit not just one person but many people

The reverse showing of the King of Wands can indicate that he can be arrogant and even aggressive in his pursuit of his goals. For example, he does not take direction well and can feel insecure if he is not the one making all the decisions and in control. He can also be impulsive with his actions, tending to make things worse by thinking he has all the answers. When success comes to an insecure King of Wands, he can become easily full of himself and his status. If that success does not come in the way he sees it should, this dreamer can be the worst of all whiners and blame laying.

But in general, the King of Wands is always a positive card to see. Even when he does not represent a literal individual in your life, he represents that you have supportive male energy around you that have a good opinion of you.

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Career, Love, Money, Health, Spirituality

In the Career sector, the King of Wands can indicate a man with lighter coloring who is very supportive of you. He is a man you can trust with integrity and can count on. He can also be a boss who may be a little rough around the edges in his approach to getting you to do what needs to be done but his intentions are only to help. If you are looking for work, he usually shows that a job you will be happy with is coming up soon.

When we are talking Love and romance with the King of Wands, it is an excellent card to show up. He represents that someone you care about has the same feelings about you, and they are also willing to make the relationship work. It is also an indication that if you are single and too caught up in work, make sure you make room for the possibility of romance or you may miss him. If you are in a position of having a King of Wands pursue you, he will be creative and relentless until you finally give in and say yes to that first date or a marriage proposal.

Where Money is being addressed, once again the King of Wands is a positive card. It usually indicates there will be opportunities that will be showing up to have more money in your bank account. If you are thinking of stepping out there with an entrepreneurial business idea, now would be the time as all energies show success. Of course, crunch the numbers, do research and talk to others who either have the same business or want to partner. He does not ever indicate making a financial decision like that haphazardly with the attitude that somehow it will work out, just a very positive, bold and supportive energy.

When the Health issue is on the table, he usually shows robust health but also a warning not to overdo things or push your body further than it is able to go; rest and recuperation is also a critical part of health. Take a check on your emotional health also as it can take a toll on your body. Don’t let negative emotions eat away at your vitality.

When your Spirituality is being looked at, the King of Wands is a sign that you have done the work and still exploring your beliefs and the possibility of new ones. It also carries the caution of not trying to push too hard or too far. Let your spirituality unfold like a journey versus a goal you are trying to reach.

Susan Z’s Verdict

I love this King of Wands! Even when he shows up reversed, he is a charmer and just needs a little motivation. When he shows up in your reading, you can expect something positive is getting ready to enter your life. Whether it be the King of Wands himself or the energy he represents!

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  1. I need to know if before the year end, if I am going to find mister right, someone going to be there for me like I do, is he going to be a wealthy person, good person that I can count on someone clear positive, friendly willing loving I need that.

  2. This reading is soooooo acurate and hit home to the core…. Thank you soooo very much