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The Temperance Tarot Of Harmony And Balance

Temperance tarot card

The Temperance Tarot Of Harmony And Balance

The Temperance Tarot Major Arcana card is always an indication that you either have your life pretty well on track in most areas of your life or (if reversed) a heads up that you have chaos going on around you and it needs to be addressed. The Temperance tarot card is symbolic of harmony, patience, being on purpose, moderation, feeling grounded and balanced. It is directly connected with your emotional state of mind, which of course effects all the surroundings you have created.

There is alchemy of harmonic energy within the Temperance tarot card. This is about walking that balance beam of life that we deal with everyday, ‘chaos and harmony.’ It represents a blending of diverse elements and tools that we use to move through our life journey in a way to create something new, raising the bar of desires and outcome without playing out the role of the drama queen to get there. Balance, harmony and blending in relationships can take on many forms; for example, an extended family which happens a lot with a divorce and remarriage.

The Temperance tarot card can also reflect that you have a very clear vision of what you want to achieve in the long term of making plans. You are aware that to get what you want in life, you must feel self-contained within yourself and not dependent on others to make happen what you desire in life. You are willing to ‘go with the flow’ and give it your best shot to accomplish the end game you have in mind.

If the Temperance tarot card is shown in reverse, it may indicate a chaotic approach to going after what you want. It can also mean there may be excesses in your life that needs to be brought into balance. Addictions, alcoholism, co-dependency or obsessive focus on something or someone can fall into this category. Instant gratification in some area of your life is usually the foundation for this card to show up in the reverse position. Having tunnel vision and unwilling to look at the big picture of the situation which can bring about stress, worry and OCD behavior. The Temperance card is asking you to take the middle path approach and give all perspectives a chance.

In general, when this card shows up, relationships on every level are probably going quite well, even so, the Temperance card is asking you to look a little deeper into your personal emotions and see if anything is keeping you from getting your heart’s desire quicker.

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Career, Love, Money, Health & Spirituality

Career: The Temperance card is asking you to not put too high of expectations on yourself that you may not be able to accomplish. You can aim high in your career and have the desire to advance yourself but keep them in reasonable perspective: emotionally, mentally and physically.

Love and Romance: This card is advising you to look within for the peace and harmony in relationships versus expecting that balance to come from outside yourself. Look at what makes you feel uncomfortable in your relationships, guilt over mistakes that you feel you’ve made in your past, forgiving yourself and finding a way to let them go.

Money: You are being shown you have figured out a good balance on money coming in and expenses going out. If you feel you would like to see your money improve, the balance of inner strength comes into play where you either have to ask for it or manifest it in an unusual and improvised thought process. (think lottery or unexpected inheritance) Stay focused on that gold ring of financial increase, and you will not fail.

Health: Balance and moderation is the predominant answer being given to you from your higher self. Are you pushing yourself beyond your emotional and physical capacity? Look at the area of your life where you might be out of balance and then do what you can to change it. Moderation is definitely the way you are being pointed to.

Spirituality: The Temperance Major Arcana card is suggesting you bring your life into balance not only on the physical plane but in the spiritual realms as well, using tools such as meditation to assist you in listening to your higher self. Ask for guidance from within and seek the help of others who have experienced the same spiritual level of awareness you are seeking.

Susan Z’s Verdict

The Temperance tarot card is always an indication that balance is what makes life work, regardless if you are walking that balance beam perfectly or maybe feeling a little wobbly in certain areas of your life. It is giving you a perspective of what needs to be put in harmony in your life. Whether that be in your personal romantic life, career, health or your overall emotional outlook. It is what self-containment looks and feels like, harmony and balance.

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