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The True Power of Wearing Amulets and Talismans

The True Power of Wearing Amulets and Talismans

Most everyone thinks of a talisman as an object that has to be from ancient times with rituals and blessed by someone with supernatural ‘woo-woo’ powers. All of this can be correct but a talisman can be any object that holds the power for an individual, bringing them protection, good luck or fortune given to the object by the user. So basically, if you believe that your Grandmother’s pendant was given to you to show you that you are loved and protected by her, then that is the energy you carry with you every day. Any piece you truly value has great power for you and only you.

Unlike amulets or charms, which are already charged for a specific purpose and have a broader use, talismans are more specific in nature on how it is to be used by the bearer. It is important that if you desire to make a talisman for yourself, only purest intentions for yourself are the foundations. If used for harm or manipulating the gains or losses of others, it will only bring the negative energy back to you.

Corrupted Talismans

There are many types of talismans that can bring love, good luck or protection but no one is putting that energy into it but YOU with your belief of its power! Some common talismans that we are all familiar with are the crucifix, the four-leaf clovers, a lucky penny you picked up and put in your shoe or purse.

The one that will make most people cringe but give you an idea of how powerful a talisman can be used for good or evil, is the swastika. The swastika is an ancient symbol of power respected by many cultures and seen drawn in temples. Buddhists believe the swastika as a symbol of good luck, but since the German Nazi party and Hitler (FYI: Hitler was obsessed with the black arts) chose it as their symbol of Aryan power, it is now a negative representation of cruelty, genocide and racial hatred. It will more than likely remain in that negative energy for a long time to come, but it IS just a talisman symbol that was given a focus of evil and extreme negative power over the weak.

The same can be said of the pentagram, which many associate with black magic, bad witches, evil intentions towards others or Satan worship. But the truth of this symbol in all the wiccan tribes, is that it holds the greatest power of the five elements, (Earth, Air, Fire, Water and Spirit) and not a representation of evil at all. It is a positive symbol that embodies those five elements and our five closest planets which all practicing elementals draw power from.

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Anchor What You Desire to The Physical Plane

When cleansed and consecrated through ritual, any object such as gemstones, amulets, herbs, or ritual phrases can become your talisman. A talisman can be any item infused with the specific power its bearer chooses. Ancient Egyptians used huge stone tablets as healing talismans. The Greeks and Romans used lead talismans to communicate with the spirit realm. The only thing a talisman must do is anchor the energy of what you desire in the physical plane. That energy can be for protection or to bring in abundance, wealth, love or anything you wish to bless yourself with.

Creating your own talisman is a good reassurance for yourself that you are assisting the universe in attracting what you want in life. You can create your talisman to support better health, protection from negative energies, good luck or abundance. You cannot wear a talisman for another as your soul energy is absorbed into the object. But you can make one for someone else to wear or carry, explaining to them what it is for and how it was made for them with love. Then it will work within their energy field if their heart is open to it. Always keep the energy positive and absolutely no trickster offerings for the ex to wear as a parting gift for bad luck. You will karmically pay dearly for that blunder.

Before your object becomes your talisman, it must be charged with your intent. You can cleanse the object with water, incense, white sage, leave it in the moonlight or sunlight, bury it in the earth for a short period of time or as with a protection talisman… buried in salt for a few days. Then you can make up your own ritual asking all the powers that assist you to infuse the object with your intentions. A regular cleansing and re-charging of your talisman is suggested. Usually you can tell when it needs to re-charged or cleansed by the way it feels in your hand. No buzz and sort of feels like a dead battery.

Of course, what is most important with any talisman is your heart’s intentions. If those are in the right place, you will feel the strong power of vibrations from the object you are carrying. Giving you that little extra something you may need; whether it be love, protection or assistance.

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  1. I really liked this article. My grandmother gave me a necklace before she past. Each time I wear it I feel loved and protected.

  2. Im a christian. Your “work” is not of the Lord. You need jesus Christ not your gems rocks and cards. I pray the holy spirit will come upon you to open your eyes…
    And Trump is a great blessing to this country unless you want communism.

    God bless America.