The unification of our universe in 2022

As we collectively end this year, we also look forward towards the endless prospects in the New Year ahead. Because of Covid-19 and the new variant virus Omicron, many of our hopes and aspirations have been placed on hold for the past two years now, which has left many feeling hopeless in what in past years were looked forward to in the coming New Year. Since the creation of our planet some 4.5 billion years ago, and over the eons of time and evolution, our planet’s inhabitants became aware of the twinkling lights in our night skies and bright objects streaking across them. Filled with wonder and amazement, and yes, even fear of what lies beyond our grasp and understanding.

In time, as our species evolved and centered many of their cultures, societies, religions, and empires around our heavens, and as our ancestors evolved in their understanding of seasons, astrology, and the primary aspects of our Sun and Moon which brings life to us all, and as our heavens were further studied, we became much more aware in time, as to what our relationship with our universe actually is.

Finding understanding and acceptance in strife

As we fast forward to the ending of 2021, we still look to our heavens for guidance in our daily lives, as all cultures and religions still do today, incorporating the wisdom and knowledge gained by our better understanding of them. In all of the strife we see in today’s society and individually, we must look to our heavens for guidance, understanding, acceptance, and change. No matter what our governments, societies, and cultures try to change, our universe remains as intact as it did in its creation along with the acceptance of death and rebirth of its other planetary bodies as well as ourselves.

As I had predicted over a decade ago, 2020 would create an imbalance of astronomical proportions. However, none of us predicted a pandemic that would cause our societies to spin so wildly out of control, and stifle so many of our hopes and aspirations looking forward towards the decade ahead. With this came internal dissention on a massive scale as it seems like our collective societies were torn apart affecting everything from politics to our personal lives.

Coming out of the darkness

However, 2022 is anointed by our heavens to bring about the evolution of revolution which we are starting to see globally today in preparation for the New Year ahead. As witnessed and fought by our ancestor’s, change can be diplomatically negotiated but, never forced or coerced. If we encompass these same principles in our personal lives as well, we will succeed to our appointed dreams and aspiration in 2022, and come out of darkness illuminated by our heavens. With profound prayer and meditation this holiday season, our personal and archetype planets are hearing our pleas for help and guidance during these tumultuous times to bring both balance and harmony in our collective and personal lives.

The unification of our universe has begun, and great strides can be achieved if we look deeper into our hearts and souls to achieve them. Our universe will always unfold as it should and must, and we must always remember that we are the children of our creator, never to be abandoned or ostracized by our beliefs, cultures, or religions. Stay true to yourselves, and our universe will stay true to us. Know that I, as well as our other trusted counselors here at 7th Sense are here to guide you, and to bring loving light to your paths in the New Year ahead.

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