The Voices We Hear: Part 2

hearing voices 2

This is part 2 of the Voices We Hear series, to read the first part, click here.

What to do if you hear voices

If you have a persistent thought or a clear speaking voice in your head that will not go away telling you that you have a tumor in your head, for God’s sake, go get an MRI! A thought like that just does not “pop” into your head, it is being put there, so listen and do something about it.

The good thing about free will in your chosen life path, is you have the control to dial it down or ask that it go away! The best solution is asking for angelic assistance in giving you some kind of sign as what to do with the information that you are hearing. If you are uncomfortable with hearing the guidance or they won’t shut up, you make it very clear what you are willing to listen to.

Foremost, if you are hearing negative things about yourself or doomsday prophecies, pull out your sage stick and ask whomever you pray to, to cleanse and protect you as you have opened a door to a trickster. Your higher self would never give you information just to frighten or hurt you, NEVER! You can also ask only to receive information that is for the highest good of all concerned and to be protected from all else. This will protect you from being a psychic sponge and will let you know that what you hear is something you need to pay attention to.

Here are some guidelines to identify the difference between what you’re hearing:

  1. Talking to Yourself and hearing answers back in your heard needs a two-way conversation. You usually start it and it ends quickly with distraction.
  2. The voice of Spirit is the voice of any being who has crossed over into the Light as a Deceased Loved One, your Spirit Guides or Angels. The voice of Spirit is often quiet and heard from the ‘right side’ of your head. This is the psychic side of your brain, the creative, imagination side. If you have ever heard ringing within the right ear, whispers or noises when no one is around, this could be a sign of Spirit connecting with you. Occasionally, those in Spirit will provide you with ideas on your left side, in the form of claircognizance (clear-knowing). Calm, gentle and sometimes humorous, the voice of Spirit will not be hasty, negative nor putting you down or instilling fear and anxiety. The voice of Spirit is always rational, thoughtful, and loving.
  3. The voice of Intuition is your higher self speaking with you. Your internal guiding light, the part of you in Spirit that is connected to the all Divine Source. This is the eternal you, the God Spark within you who knows your path and has been present for all in all of your lives. This voice can speak to you as a feeling within your stomach (clairsentient), a calling within your heart or a knowingness within your mind (claircognizance).

It can also speak to you through pre-cognition and vivid dreaming through images and metaphors (clairvoyance). It does and can sometimes come through in an actual voice but this is less common for the Higher Self.

Psychic Susan Z’s Verdict

I have listened to those voices my whole life. I call it “when Spirit grabs you by the collar” moment and says something of great life changing importance or just that I need to stop the head chatter and listen with my heart. We did not come into this life journey alone. We came in with legions of help in all forms; such as loved ones who have passed over, Spirit guides, angels and most importantly, our Higher Self, the God Spark part of our being that is connected to the Divine. Don’t discount, demean or ignore when you hear that OMG! voice in your head or receive a message so clear it seems as though someone is right next to you. They are!

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