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Three Benefits of Online Dating

online dating

Three Benefits of Online Dating

When a psychic tells their client to go to an online dating site, there is a wide range of reactions. Some of the client’s responses are: I would never do that, only losers go on those sites, or been there, done that, and I won’t do it again. Online dating is like the lottery; in either case you may lose, yet you could be a winner. Wouldn’t you like to meet Mr. or Ms. Right?

Let’s talk about safety first. Never give out personal information such as: where you live, your work location, or personal/work phone number. For the first in-person date, alert your friends or family to where and when you’re meeting the person, and that you will call them afterwards to let them know you’re okay. Always meet in a public place for the first few dates and never go into their car for any reason. If the person becomes upset over these boundaries, remember – better safe, than sorry.


Just an FYI, I know that online dating sites are worth it because that’s how I meet my mate six years ago, and what a good catch he is. Dating sites work if you give them a chance. Here are the benefits:

1. Meet Men or Women from the Comfort of Your Home

Avoid those uncomfortable singles events where you feel like a piece of meat waiting to be sampled. You’re not stuck talking to a loser who you don’t have any interest in or no attraction to. There is no fear of a nutcase following you to your car or home after the event. Instead, you are able to select who you desire to communicate and get to know, all from the safety of your home. You are not obligated to respond to anyone, plus you have the advantage of quickly blowing off a creep without any repercussions.

2. You Set the Criteria

Are you a teetotaler who detest those who party? Or you want a partner who likes to drink on the weekends? Online dating has search options to choose what is right for you. You can find people close to the area you live in. With a click of a button, cougars can find younger men, older men can find arm candy, and players can find other players to play with. For those of you who want a serious relationship, marriage, similar religious/spiritual beliefs, or children, there are matches for that, too.

3. Discover Who They Are

This is an important step for anyone can type they desire the same things as you. With online dating you may exchange in-site emails for as long as you like before giving them your real email address or meeting in person. You can observe if your potential is truly who he/she portrays to be by asking questions. Their answers are key to whether or not they allow their personalities shine through and reveal who they are. Be cautious: if their answers are too general, claims they love you, tells their life stories of hardship, wants to get together right away, avoids meeting you, or ask you for money.


Online dating has many benefits; however, it can cause confusion. Never fear, a new dating service from 7th Sense Psychics is here to help with that. Listnr is a voice enhanced dating app that means you know exactly who you’re talking. Users record audio messages with their profile, so no more fakes. Click here to download Listnr.

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