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Three Signs That You Are Soulmates


Signs That You’re Dealing With A Soulmates Connection

Soulmate connections vary and they seldom mean that the relationship is meant to be a happily ever after. Nonetheless, these sort of connections are of great importance for our development and our personal, spiritual and emotional growth. Identifying these relationships can be an useful tool when it comes to deciding how to react and how to move through the turmoil they quite often cause.

Pay attention to the next signs to know if you are dealing with a soulmates situation!

1. It seems like your lives are intertwined but not synchronized

You may have spent years hanging out in the same places or with similar groups of people without actually meeting. It is almost incredible that you hadn’t crossed your paths before, and often, in sprite of this, you feel that your meeting was entirely by chance, in highly unlikely circumstances.

The reason behind it: soulmates usually orbit around our lives, their appearance is not random, they are ready to come in when we are going through a particular set of circumstances or we are awakening a part of ourselves.

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2. The connection with this person is very intense

This doesn’t mean that you always feel really comfortable, in fact, it is quite common to have some feelings or thoughts in the background that makes you feel that something is awkward, but you’re quite often compelled to open up to them.

The reason behind it: There’s a “pull” that keeps us attracted to this person in particular, this is meant to make sure that we go through the process and learn the lesson behind it.

3. Their presence shakes your life and makes you re-evaluate where you’re at

By coming into your life, they seem to “unlock” a series of events and happenings that that can turn your reality upside-down. As well, you also “unlock” areas of yourself and aspects of your character that you hadn’t explored before.

The reason behind it: A soulmate’s purpose is more often than not to awaken parts of yourself or help you move towards a particular “checkpoint” in your journey, this is why their presence often accelerates things.

Sibyl’s Verdict

Do you recognize any of these signs in your life? Identifying a soulmate relationship can help you make better decisions about it. They are connections that can very easily become toxic or tainted, for the bond is very strong but not always healthy and misunderstanding their purpose and meaning in our lives can make it really hard to let go. Remembering that a soulmate doesn’t always mean “meant to be” or “happily ever after” and that it is not the end of the world will help you keep a fresh perspective and relativize the impact of such relationship in your life.

Under a more positive light, soulmate connections are almost invariably a way to connect with our true essence and become more aware and comfortable with who we are and what is our purpose,

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  1. OMG…strange but im lost for words I’ve been having this one person in mind today this reading is a sign from god .helping me understand the what’s why’s doubt and heartache I’ve been struggling with…God is great thank you Jesus amen

  2. I tried to tell my husband that we were not soul mates. I lost my soul mate to cancer a few years ago. I hurt him deeply, he always believed soul mates were for life. My soul mate was a women my age.

    1. Doreen, there are many kinds of soulmates, and as a matter of fact, one can have a perfectly satisfactory, healthy and wonderful lifelong relationship with someone that is not their soulmate. However, since it is a widespread idea that a soulmate needs to be your one and only of a romantic nature, it is also understandable that your husband felt hurt, as if he had been told he wasn’t enough.

      I’m deeply sorry for the loss of your soulmate.

      Thanks for stepping by!

    1. Hello Tracey!

      Soulmates in a romantic sense are a bit overrated. Please, don’t stress out with that idea. Even if it were true that you didn’t find a soulmate, you can have a perfectly great relationship with someone that is not your soulmate.

      Be open to love and trust that things will come to you!

      Have a great day and thank you for stepping by!

  3. I just found out my husband seeing another women. I’m so hurt hoping we can work are marriage

  4. I have met my soulmate, the love of my life. But for whatever reason, we are not together. I am married to someone else, and so was he, I think he is divorced now, but I can’t get in touch with him. I’ve seen him in passing and I’ve talked to him briefly, but for some reason we are not together. When we were together, the world just stopped, my heart is with him. My husband is a good man, but he will never be anything like this other man to me. I have a family and I stay because of them, but I will want to be with him until the day I die. What is wrong with me, why aren’t I with the man I love, my soulmate?

  5. I just want to be loved and I am missing the woman that has walked out my life… I love and miss you Janel!