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Thursday Interactive Tarot Reading Dec 8th 2022

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Here is your interactive tarot reading for today. Look at the image above and relax, focus on the first card that draws you in and that card will connect with your personal energy.


Once you have picked your card, you can scroll down to see it revealed then read the information for today that carries your journey with it.






Tarot Card Draw #1: Wheel of Fortune

The Wheel of Fortune is an awesome card to get in your daily draw! It often signals some wonderful positive changes fate has in store for you as well as how your spirit guides and higher power are working in your favor at this time. It is a call to begin or intensify your manifestation efforts as the Universe is on your side. Keep in mind though that not all change is easy and nothing worth having comes easily. You have to work for it and sometimes make sacrifices to get to where you are truly meant to be for your own greater good. It may not be clear to you where your higher power is trying to take you but have faith and know it will be better than where you are. The Wheel of Fortune is also a warning to always be nice to each person you encounter as you never know when you are entertaining angels or when you may need to call upon that person in the future for some kind of assistance. In matters of the heart, Wheel of Fortune is a strong indicator it is time to take your relationship to the next level or that some much needed positive changes are being called for. Alternatively, this card may be telling you that ending your current romance will allow you to move on to something much more positive and fulfilling. For us single folk, the Wheel of Fortune is a sign that your spirit guides got your back and are working on something potentially quite special for you in terms of a romantic partner. Know, though, that faith without works is dead so you must work with your spirit guides by placing yourself in the path for this to happen. Mr. or Miss Wonderful is not simply going to knock on your door. When it comes to your career, Wheel of Fortune is indicating that a big change may be coming your way. It also signals that if you have been wanting to start your own business, now is the time. Just keep in mind you need to maintain an alternate source of income until you begin to see significant returns. This is also a great card in terms of money and finances. Fate is now smiling on you. Also, be mindful of any synchronicities appearing around you as they are trying to tell you something rather powerful.

Tarot Card Draw #2: Ten of Swords, reversed

When the Ten of Swords, reversed appears in your tarot draw, you are currently experiencing or will soon be experiencing a difficult situation for a profound length of time. This could indicate loss of employment, your home, a strain on your relationships or any number of things that could cause lengthy turmoil. You could experience a strain on your career, in the form of a job loss or a change in position, which is seemingly detrimental to your livelihood. It might entail a significant income loss, or even something that is more taxing on your body or mind. This could in turn put a strain on your family relationships or personal life and cause you to feel as though you are falling into a downward spiral. This could also indicate a major struggle in your romantic relationship, such as infidelity or even just the loss of the connection you previously felt. Your partner might be feeling insecure or planning to end your relationship. Do not misunderstand this card, and in turn attribute it to areas of your life to which it does not apply. Think about what was in the front of your mind when you sought out guidance from your tarot draw. Even if you were initially trying to get guidance on your love life, sometimes that is not necessarily what is weighing on your mind at the moment you began your draw or your search for help and guidance. The tarot cards will work off whatever is on your mind at the moment and guide you through any problems or situations related. Essentially, the cards are drawn to fit your situation, but if you instead incidentally try to relate your situation to the cards, you could be misguided and end up creating problems that otherwise would not have existed. For example, if you were focused more on your job or home when you selected your tarot draw, do not accidentally attribute the Ten of Swords to a possible negative situation in your romantic life instead or you could actually be causing problems that were not present. Do not allow this negative situation or conflict to bring you down. It is important to always remember to push forward through any conflict, because there is a light at the end of the tunnel. It might be difficult to see sometimes, but it is there, and you must keep pushing through to reach a more desirable situation.

Tarot Card Draw #3: Eight of Swords

When the Eight of Swords turns up in your daily draw or a tarot spread, it is often to bring your attention that you are holding yourself in a rather negative situation. You may be unknowingly holding yourself back or choosing to stay in this bad place out of fear, indecision or a lack of confidence to move forward. In addition to fear – possibly unfounded –, the reversed Eight of Swords speaks of anxiety, paranoia and other mental/psychological problems. This card may come up when you find yourself feeling cornered, trapped or in a bad situation with no clear way out. You may be feeling lost, helpless and completely without hope. You have given up your power and feel as though you are being held against your will to some extent be it physically, mentally or emotionally, but mainly mentally. This card could also turn up when you feel others may be judging you, quite possibly harshly or without merit. As you find yourself in any of these negative situations, keep in mind the initial message of the Eight of Swords: you are keeping yourself in this situation. Step back and try to look at things more objectively to try and understand why you are doing this to yourself then take corrective action to rectify or clear up the negative situation and ultimately turn it to your advantage. Lastly, the Eight of Swords could warn of looming legal consequences, quite possibly severe.

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