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Thursday Interactive Tarot Reading Nov 24th 2022

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Here is your interactive tarot reading for today. Look at the image above and relax, focus on the first card that draws you in and that card will connect with your personal energy.


Once you have picked your card, you can scroll down to see it revealed then read the information for today that carries your journey with it.






Tarot Card Draw #1: King of Swords, reversed

The King of Swords reversed in your tarot draw indicates someone who is holding onto the past too tightly and using it to hold grudges or be critical of themselves rather than learning lessons from their mistakes. This could mean that you or someone around you has been letting past events run their life and continue to have a heavy influence on how they view and treat others. If this is you, it is important that you learn to let things go and move forward. You do not have to forgive and forget the wrongs that others have done to you, but you should instead use the events from the past to develop more informed decisions in the future. If this is someone around you, they are likely using something from the past against you with or without your knowledge, and you need to be cautious in your interactions with others. In your romantic life, if you are in a relationship, the King of Swords reversed indicates either you or your partner resemble the person described above. Likely there has been a negative event or situation in the past, either in your relationship or in a previous relationship, and the feelings that stemmed from this are shaping your interactions with each other in a negative way. You and your partner will need to seek counseling together to overcome these issues, or your relationship could fail. If you are looking for a relationship, the King of Swords reversed indicates either you will soon meet someone who resembles the above qualities, or that you yourself are allowing too much of the past to shape your interactions with potential partners. Alternatively, this could also indicate that you are just extremely tired of being alone and might make a decision out of desperation. In your career, the King of Swords reversed indicates someone in your workplace (either you or someone else) who is very overbearing and critical of their coworkers and/or subordinates.

Tarot Card Draw #2: The Tower, reversed

When The Tower appears reversed in your tarot draw, this indicates avoiding a negative situation or tragedy. This is likely a situation you know you narrowly avoided, and you should learn from this experience to make better decisions in the future. Sometimes, however, it is necessary to experience the bad things and endure tragedy and heartbreak to be able to grow properly. In your romantic life, if you are in a relationship, The Tower reversed appears when you are seeing your relationship fall apart, and you likely feel helpless. You know your relationship is doomed for failure, but you are struggling to accept the inevitable. It is important to realize that we can always learn from our experiences, even if they do not turn out the way we hope. If you are looking for a relationship, The Tower reversed indicates that you have recently avoided a toxic encounter. You should take some time to think about your past relationships and how they failed and try to learn how to grow from those experiences so that you are able to better handle yourself and your future relationships. In your career, The Tower reversed indicates that you are likely holding onto your job by a thread or have recently avoided a job loss. You need to remain focused and diligent to protect your career.

Tarot Card Draw #3: Nine of Wands

The Nine of Wands represents someone who is energized, focused, and handling business. This card will appear in your tarot draw when you are completing various tasks and organizing your life. You are making improvements to yourself and your surroundings so that you can move forward with a clearer and more positive outlook. However, sometimes this card in your tarot draw indicates you have taken on entirely too many tasks and you are beginning to feel worn out and depleted, unable to complete everything you have taken on. In your romantic life, if you are in a relationship, the Nine of Wands indicates either you or your partner are the person indicated above. This person is fully energized, always ready to have fun and handle business, and does a great job balancing their life. This person is a joy to be around and is always able to shed light on even the darkest circumstances. Sometimes, this card also indicates maternal instincts, so if you have been considering starting a family or have previously struggled with infertility, the Nine of Wands indicates that motherhood is headed your way very soon! If you are looking for a relationship, the Nine of Wands indicates you will soon meet someone who is fun, energized, and will bring much happiness into your life. You will have a long relationship full of happiness and fun. Be confident and be sure you put yourself out into the world with positive vibes and energy so that you are able to attract this person to you and you do not miss this opportunity for a great relationship. In your career, the Nine of Wands indicates you have been energized and focused, and you are doing an excellent job organizing your tasks and getting your work completed. You have been making great strides in career advancement and improving your overall business ethics. You will be able to relax in your position and feel more comfortable in the workplace since you have taken the time to organize all of your tasks and created a better work environment for yourself.

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