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Thursday Tarot Reading Apr 20th 2023

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For those of you who work outside of your home, no doubt you encounter several different people over the course of any given day. Sometimes you may be greeted with a smile, sometimes with a “gruff” and other times with an outright scowl, possibly even some ugly or hateful words from time to time. Before reacting in haste, take a beat and remind yourself that we never know what kind of hell on earth someone else may be enduring while still trying to go about their daily lives. Rather than tossing back a frown, scowl or something ugly, try bowling them over with a big, friendly smile! An unsolicited, friendly smile may be just the thing someone else needs to give them an unexpected, brief respite from their overwhelming despair. A kind word or even an unsolicited compliment may mean far more to someone than you could ever imagine. I challenge each of you to smile at no fewer than three complete strangers tomorrow, hold the door (even you women) for someone at random, and give an unsolicited compliment to two different people you encounter randomly over the course of the day. You never know how much someone needs even the tiniest of bright spots in their day.

Tarot Card Draw #1: Four of Wands

The Four of Wands depicts a man standing in apparent triumph, while others around him carry torches and rejoice. Thus, this card represents a time to be proud and joyful. This is a time of celebration, good news and fortune, and hard work paying off. You will take part in a joyful celebration soon, most likely as a result of an accomplishment you have made. If you have been working towards achieving a specific goal, this card is an indication that success is around the corner. Be careful and ensure you do not stop pushing towards your goal just because you have an indication that the end is near. If you are seeking guidance in your relationship, this card tells you that your relationship is a happy, successful relationship, and you will soon take a step forward. This might indicate marriage, cohabitation, a gift from your partner, or some other jolt forward in your relationship. Something you have been looking forward to for some time is finally about to take place. If you are not in a relationship at this time, you will soon find yourself meeting someone or receiving some kind of blessing or gift related to your romantic life. If you are seeking guidance in your career, your hard work is paying off. You will soon receive some good news, possibly a raise or promotion, as a result of your business ethics and overall effort. If you have been seeking a specific position change or have been considering some other type of career change, you will soon get joyful news of a position or new career that will be more suitable to your needs.

Tarot Card Draw #2: Strength, reversed

Reversed Strength will often turn up in a daily draw bringing your attention to the fact you are *settling* in some way such as not seeking out the job you most desire because you do not feel you are qualified or maybe you do not believe you would be able to learn the skills required to be successful. Maybe you are settling in a romantic relationship because you simply do not believe you could do any better so you will just take what you can get. This card speaks of tremendous self-doubt and simply not knowing your own worth. Also, a key message behind Strength reversed is that it really is ok to cut toxic people out of your life, even if they are relatives or someone else who believes they somehow have a right to treat you harshly or always make derogatory comments to you and about you. Strength falling reversed for you in a daily draw could also indicate that you very much need to call upon your own inner strength that you may not realize you possess rather than allowing a lack of self-esteem, self-worth, fear or anxiety to hold you back. This is quite often the case in professional pursuits and occasionally when having a strong interest/desire in someone romantically. Stop holding yourself back. As the saying goes, “We miss 100% of the shots we do not take.” Shoot! Take a chance otherwise you will most likely have regrets from now on and you may never find the happiness you so desperately want, need and deserve. Also, learn to find the positive in ANY situation no matter how incredibly dark and negative it may be. No matter the situation. Look beyond the pain, disappointment and heartache. It is always possible to find positive even in death if you think more objectively. The positive is what gets you through while adversity makes you stronger. Pertaining specifically to love, Strength reversed talks of how a low sense of self-worth or opinion of yourself will lead to a vicious cycle of one terrible relationship after another due to your own poor choices and settling as mentioned above. This lack of self-worth will often lead to people looking for problems in even the best of connections because they simply do not feel worthy of anything good in their lives. Stand up for yourself! Know your worth, professionally and personally, at all times. Never lose sight of who you truly are and do not ever settle. Always strive for bigger and better in all things. You deserve it!

Tarot Card Draw #3: Ten of Swords, reversed

When the Ten of Swords, reversed appears in your tarot draw, you are currently experiencing or will soon be experiencing a difficult situation for a profound length of time. This could indicate loss of employment, your home, a strain on your relationships or any number of things that could cause lengthy turmoil. You could experience a strain on your career, in the form of a job loss or a change of position, which is seemingly detrimental to your livelihood. It might entail a significant income loss, or even something that is more taxing on your body or mind. This could in turn put a strain on your family relationships or personal life and cause you to feel as though you are falling into a downward spiral. This could also indicate a major struggle in your romantic relationship, such as infidelity or even just the loss of the connection you previously felt. Your partner might be feeling insecure or planning to end your relationship. Do not misunderstand this card, and in turn attribute it to areas of your life to which it does not apply. Think about what was in the front of your mind when you sought out guidance from your tarot draw. Even if you were initially trying to get guidance on your love life, sometimes that is not necessarily what is weighing on your mind at the moment you began your draw or your search for help and guidance. The tarot cards will work off whatever is on your mind at the moment and guide you through any problems or situations related. Essentially, the cards are drawn to fit your situation, but if you instead incidentally try to relate your situation to the cards, you could be misguided and end up creating problems that otherwise would not have existed. For example, if you were focused more on your job or home when you selected your tarot draw, do not accidentally attribute the Ten of Swords to a possible negative situation in your romantic life instead or you could actually be causing problems that were not present. Do not allow this negative situation or conflict to bring you down. It is important to always remember to push forward through any conflict, because there is a light at the end of the tunnel. It might be difficult to see sometimes, but it is there, and you must keep pushing through to reach a more desirable situation.

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