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Thursday Tarot Reading Apr 6th 2023

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Here is your interactive tarot reading for today. Look at the image above and relax, focus on the first card that draws you in and that card will connect with your personal energy.


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Tarot Card Draw #1: Two of Cups, reversed

Pulling the Two of Cups reversed for your daily draw will most often indicate negativity in a personal or familial relationship such as romantic partners growing apart to the point they cease their union or once close and loving relatives having a falling out from which there may not be a recovery. These are but only two of the varied indications of this often overly negative card. Please do not lose hope after only two sentences, though, as forewarned is forearmed. There is always hope when each party involved is aware of the issues and chooses to look beyond them and try and work things out together. In many cases, the Two of Cups reversed speaks of any kind of abuse be it physical, mental or emotional, as well as slander and bullying, even racism, sexism and the like. This card may be speaking of a major imbalance in your life that very much needs to be corrected, any manner of partnerships falling apart or major troubles in the workplace with one specific coworker, superior or one over whom you see. Those struggling in a search for employment may find that they are being discriminated against in some way, possibly being passed over in lieu of a potential employer’s close friend, relative or because that employer may owe someone else a favor and will repay them with the job that you may so rightfully deserve. Singles looking for love may find themselves being drawn into unhealthy romantic connections or possibly beginning a romantic union based solely on a trauma bond thus dooming the relationship to fail before it even starts. Two of Cups reversed may turn up for you should you find yourself in a co-dependent relationship that may not necessarily be romantic in nature but will still cause much harm to you mentally and emotionally. Try to take a step back should any of these situations seem to apply to you and work to view the entire situation from a much more objective perspective. See if you can identify where the main problem is then work together with the other person to try and rectify things before it’s too late. In money matters, those with shared finances of any kind must be extra mindful at this time and work to have excellent communication and being on the same page as your financial equal.

Tarot Card Draw #2: Page of Pentacles

On the Page of Pentacles, we see a young man clutching a pentacle to his chest with his eyes closed as if in contemplation. He may be contemplating how far he has come as is evident by the many hills behind him which are indicative of struggle and overcoming obstacles. Our young man may also be contemplating where to go from here or how much further he has to go to reach his goal. This will all be determined by what is going on in your life, specifically. When the Page of Pentacles comes up for you in a daily draw, it indicates good news is on its way to you pertaining to any number of things such as business, property, work/career, schooling or money. It can also suggest good results regarding your physical well-being. This card may also turn up for you indicating the need to plan ahead as well as urging you to fully lay out your plans before embarking upon a new, large venture such as starting your own business, building a home or making any significant change of any kind. Form a solid plan then wholeheartedly jump in with both feet. With a well thought out plan as well as focused and determined efforts, anything is possible.

Tarot Card Draw #3: Ten of Pentacles, reversed

Sadly, when the Ten of Pentacles turns up reversed in a reading it quite often signals serious family troubles ahead. This is very much the opposite of the lovely and happy family of four depicted on the face of the Ten of Pentacles. When reversed, this card indicates major family struggles ranging from small family squabbles to all out blow ups. It can speak of feeling disconnected from your family, neglecting family, overwhelming family stressors and in some cases, domestic abuse. When it falls in close relation to the death of a relative, it frequently signals a major dispute over the decedent’s will. Of course, with it being a reversed card of Pentacles, there are other negative financial implications such as a strong warning to keep far away from any illegal activities as chances are high you will get caught and the penalty will be quite significant. It also touches on various levels and types of dishonesty. The reversed Ten of Pentacles could be speaking on unstable, insecure situations or building your figurative house on a very rocky foundation. This card may come up shortly before a sudden or unexpected loss as well as negative changes, especially in your finances, business or career. Lastly, this card in reverse may indicate bucking tradition or following a more unconventional path. While bucking tradition and following an unconventional path can certainly lead to some amazing new beginnings, the rest of what is indicated by Ten of Pentacles reversed definitely incredibly negative and heavy, but remember that any psychic or tarot reading is meant to tell you what is currently going on around you or may soon be headed your way if no action is taken. With knowledge comes change, or at least will hopefully bring your attention to some much-needed positive changes in your life.

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