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Tiger Woods. No Regrets on Cheating!

Tiger Woods.

Tiger Woods. No Regrets on Cheating!

Tiger Woods is reportedly dating again. The World Champion Golfer has found love with yet another blonde bombshell, 32-year-old mother-of-one Kristen Smith. Nothing like sticking to the tried and tested! Kristen is owner of ‘The CLAD Life’ and ex-wife of Gerald Sensabaugh of Dallas Cowboys fame. It’s not clear how long the two have been dating and evidently no one wants to say. Florida native Kristen was interviewed by DFW Beauty Guide last year to talk about styling and admitting to being unaware that it was an actual profession, rather just something that she had an interest in. Yes Kristen, this is what we call ‘following a passion’
Tiger recently revealed having no regrets about cheating on his wife. Ouch! Only two weeks ago, interviewer extraordinaire Charlie Rose asked the Golfing superstar if he’d told his children that he regretted cheating on their mother. To which he replied that he hadn’t. Although he did admit to making a bunch of mistakes. Woods has described his ex-wife as one of his best friends with whom he shares two beautiful kids. Following the demise of their marriage, Woods went on to have a three year relationship with Olympic Gold Medallist Lindsey Vonn, their relationship ended when she discovered he cheated on her.
Woods is due to make a comeback for the Hero World Challenge, on December 1 in the Bahamas. Let’s look at Tiger’s cards today.

Véronique’s Verdict

Tiger is a certain type of man who is attracted to a certain type of lady. At face value we may say that Tiger likes younger blonde supermodel types. Fidelity is clearly an issue for him and something that he has no wish to address. That is his own business. As Psychic Tarot Readers, we are not here to judge, we are here to offer clarity and hopefully assist in cutting through the nonsense and finding a way through the real and perceived challenges.
Tiger drew the King of Wands, the Wheel of Fortune and the Sun.

The King of Wands is very much Tiger’s card. The King of the Castle who doubles up as the little rascal. He’s a world champion sportsman. The focus and self-belief within this man does not allow regrets, and so when he says he has no regrets, he is being honest. He is able to verbalize his feelings about cheating on the women in his life, but ‘Regret’ has no place in his vocabulary. Tiger is the same person inside and he is capable of true love.

The Wheel of Fortune shows Tiger’s approach to his future. He has admitted to making mistakes and he knows that whether he is at the top or the bottom of the wheel, the consequences of his life are down to his own actions. Tiger does not apportion blame, rather he moves forward to the next opportunity.

The Sun represents the dynamic leader. He leads by example in the world of sport and he is not going to spend his precious hours apologizing for mistakes. Life is too short. There are many positives in Tiger’s world and he feels very lucky to be surrounded by love. His career will go through a renaissance, starting December.

There are many reasons why people are unfaithful to their partner, and as I said before, no one is here to judge. Tiger will not be without his usual type of lady and is capable of giving much love and affection to the object of his desire. I do not feel that he will rush to marry again and his romantic future will very much be on his own terms. Tiger is wished the best in his career and personal life.

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