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Tim Mcgraw says Love Isn’t Dead! Is there still hope?

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Tim Mcgraw says Love Isn’t Dead! Is there still hope?

 Tim McGraw recently posted a Happy Birthday message to his wife Faith Hill. He says that he’s ‘so lucky’ to be married to her and wants to be with her for the rest of his life. He maintains that she is a fabulous role model and a great mother to their three daughters aged 19, 18 and 14. Wow! The country star certainly doesn’t believe in holding back when it comes to his wife of 20 years.

Tim seems to have the same school of thought as his fellow country star Keith Urban. He revealed that the key to any successful marriage is to listen. Yes Tim, correct! You don’t have to agree with what your wife says and I’m sure that at times it may be a case of ‘in one ear and out of the other.’ But positive public declarations of how fabulous she is will go a long way to extend your already wonderful marriage. Keep up the good work both, it’s about time we had some good news!

Véronique’s Verdict

 So which cards did Tim draw today in his quest for a long and happy marriage. We have the Strength Card, the Queen of Pentacles and the Wheel of Fortune.

The Strength Card shows strength in unity. Relationships are hard work and they don’t flourish by themselves. Tim has physical strength versus Faith’s emotional strength, add to the mix the spirituality and carnality and we have a very powerful couple her. They understand that through gentleness and love much can be accomplished. Brute force is no match for spiritual strength.

The Queen of Pentacles represents the heart of the family. The wife and mother. There is saying that if ‘mummy’s not happy, ain’t nobody happy’ and Tim understands this. Faith has a nurturing healing energy and a sense of compassion. The Empress in the major arcana communicates most directly with the queen of pentacles and there is a sense of Faith assisting others in gaining their own security in the world, both emotionally and financially. The queen of pentacles is someone who always happens to be in the right place at the right time, always with a sense of fun.

The Wheel of Fortune has spun in the right direction for Tim and his family, but they have not allowed themselves to be ruled by fate. This is one family who is not afraid to own their ‘stuff’ and take responsibility for what happens. There is an element of throwing idea’s around and seeing what sticks but I feel that they are very much in control of their own destiny as far they are able. Tim and Faith should be open to a new and unexpected opportunity as they continue to reign supreme and prove that there is always hope in relationships even through the dark times. Happy Birthday to Faith here’s to a good year!

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