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Time Travelers Revealed Future of Humanity

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1943 Time Travelers Revealed The Future of Humanity

Countless Sci-Fi movies have addressed the concept of time travelers and one BBC series of Dr. Who uses the concept of Time Lords with the ability to travel forward and backward in time to change outcomes, save worlds or just observe. Of course, in our own everyday existence, how many times have we thought if we could go back in time and do things differently.

So obviously we all think about it and are fascinated with the concept. Is it possible, I believe so as there are many photos with unexplained out of period dress or people with technology that had not been invented yet.

In 1943, two brothers Al Bielek and Duncan Cameron claim they traveled thousands of years into the future and came back with some pretty interesting tales of how humanity is going to evolve. They actually had some evidence to back up their stories but whether you believe their story or not is a personal choice.

The brother’s descriptions were so precise and mathematically correct, it caused many to believe them as it would have been impossible for them to even dream up what they say they visited in time travel.

Al and Duncan’s story started in 1943 on Montauk, Long Island. There, the Montauk Air Force Station was allegedly developing psychological warfare techniques that included studying the concept of time travel. The brothers were aboard the USS Eldridge, a top-secret naval ship that could supposedly turn itself invisible and teleport around the world.

If that wasn’t crazy enough already, Al and Duncan claim they jumped off the ship late one evening and instead of landing in the water, they traveled first to the year 2137 and then to 2749. Here is some of what they claimed to have seen before returning to their present time.

Year 2137

  • When they first arrived, they spent six full weeks lying in hospital beds recovering from intense radiation poisoning. There was no medical staff at the hospital. The futuristic medical system that was treating their injuries used vibrations and light.
  • Climate change had significantly altered the geography of the United States. The water level had risen around Florida and reduced it to a panhandle. Atlanta, Georgia was now only three miles from the ocean and the Mississippi River had become an inland waterway. The Great Lakes had all merged into one massive body of water.
  • The Earth’s magnetic poles had started to shift and an artificial pole structure was built to prevent the collapse and reversal of the north and south poles, which would have destroyed all life on the planet.
  • War had also broken out all across the globe. The Russians went to war with China and the United States was involved in a shattering conflict with several European countries. A number of major U.S. cities were destroyed and the infrastructure of the United States government had completely collapsed.
  • The entire world’s population had been reduced to 300 million people, with the United States housing 50 million of them.

Year 2749

  • Floating cities that could be moved to different parts of the Earth.
  • Everything was controlled by a synthetic intelligence computer system that ran the entire world. No form of government existed and a huge crystalline floating computer structure communicated with people telepathically. The society was completely socialistic and every living person had their basic needs for survival taken care of. Although the brothers made no mention of who created the computer. Yikes!

Susan Z’s Verdict

Since none of us will be alive when all these future changes supposedly will come about, we can only speculate whether the time travelers actually did see our far and distant future. Since time in not linear and can fold and bend as Einstein insisted, it is very possible time travel is real. I buy it!

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