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Tom Cruise relationship still going strong 20 years on. But with who?

Tom Cruise

Tom Cruise relationship still going strong 20 years on. But with who?

Tom Cruise has proved that he really does have a big heart. Important relationships in our lives can take many forms and they’re not always romantic or linked to family. Rather the family we choose for ourselves who leave an imprint in our hearts.

Jonathan Lipnicki starred as five-year-old Ray, son of Renée Zellweger’s Dorothy in the Jerry Maguire film. This feel good love story is about sports agent Jerry (Tom Cruise) who falls for single mother Dorothy ( Renée Zellweger) and her son Ray (Lipnicki). Who can forget the adorable Ray? He imparted his knowledge to sports agent Jerry that ‘the human head weighs eight pounds.’ Out of the mouths of babes! Twenty years on, Jonathan continues to stay in touch with his role model and famous mentor Tom Cruise.

Jonathan continues to hold Cruise in the highest regard. As a martial arts expert, he admires Tom doing his own stunts. Apparently, our Tom has an open door policy and is always on hand to give advice in the most helpful manner, being respectful of Jonathan’s Jewish faith. The child actor says that having good parents and role models have kept him on the straight and narrow.

Unlike Tom Cruise, Jonathan sees himself as an underdog. Following his rise to fame on Jerry Maguire, Lipnicki went on to star in other mainstream movies including Stuart Little and The Little Vampire.

Jerry Maquire, the 1996 film made $274million worldwide and celebrates its 20 year anniversary in December.

Véronique’s Verdict

So which cards were drawn today following a trip down memory lane. We have the Six of Hearts, the Wheel of Fortune and the Tower.

The Six of Hearts is no surprise. Jonathan has fond and happy memories from his childhood and the way he describes it is almost idyllic. As a five-year-old actor, it was very natural and he has said that many of the cast from the movie have remained firm friends. Of course, he would not have fully appreciated at the time, the connection’s made and the rapport that would continue for decades. Some people are meant for us short-term and some people much longer. Jonathan realizes that even though he may not see Tom Cruise on a regular basis, he is very much there to offer support when he needs it. This is something that no one can put a price on.

The Wheel of Fortune will continue to go round and where it stops is down to fate. Making his acting debut a five years old, some people might say that Jonathan peaked a little early in the world of acting. I feel that there is expansion and wealth coming to Jonathan, there is an excitement around him right now and he is ready to take a calculated risk and this will pay off for him. He understands that not everyone stays on top forever but this does not lessen the joyful energy around the previous card.

The Tower says that change is afoot. I feel that Jonathan should not rush make huge changes to his lifestyle right now. ‘Lentement mais sûrement’ springs to mind and this would be his best option. Yes, he’s fired up and ready to take a risk, but maintaining the unifying energy within his mind and body through his martial arts will assist him in staying grounded when future opportunities come calling. Jonathan is wished all the best and he should appreciate that not everyone has the luxury of being a child actor and coming out the other side ‘intact!’

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