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Tom Hanks says his marriage almost never happened. But why?

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Tom Hanks says his marriage almost never happened. But why?

Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson have achieved what some people consider the impossible. A Hollywood marriage lasting 28 years.

He has described her as ‘too vivacious, too beautiful, too popular,too upbeat, too positive,’ in fact, he says that she is everything.’ He believes that if they had attended the same high school, he probably would not have had the courage to speak to her. And Rita is in agreement, she reportedly said that she wouldn’t have given Tom the time of day when they were young. But as we always tell our callers at 7thsense, timing is everything when it comes to love relationships and that they work best when they are not forced.

Rita first attracted Tom’s attention when he saw her on the 70’s sitcom the Brady Bunch going on to become romantic in 1985. They married in 1988 and went on to have two sons, Chester 26, and Truman Theodore 20. Tom also has two children from a previous marriage. Evidently, 28 years is a long time to make any form of commitment and they clearly know how to communicate in a positive manner together. Thank goodness that Tom finally plucked up the courage to get together with Rita and that the marriage did happen. They realize that it does not work by itself and they have the ability to ‘weather a storm here and there.’ As Tom says, disagreements are no big deal and you just get past it.’ Correct Tom!

Véronique’s Verdict

 Let’s see what the cards say today for Tom and Rita! They drew the King of Pentacles, the Three of Hearts and the Queen of Pentacles.

The king of pentacles is very much Tom’s card here, very much the king of the castle and with the self-discipline of a king. I feel that Tom interacts instinctively with Rita and although they are a Hollywood couple, there remains a down to earth quality between them both and this has served them for the 28 plus years.

The three of hearts shows the family surrounded by genuine heartfelt love and this is very much at the heart of their respective worlds. I feel that Tom and Rita focus their energies on the positives and this allows the positives to increase.

The queen of pentacles is very much Rita’s card. The strong lady behind the successful Hollywood actor. This is one lady who is unafraid of hard work, this translates to the work required in their love relationship. She loves her husband and family and is always willing to show interest in all that they do. I feel that Rita has worked to increase the status of this family by working in partnership with Tom and after all this time she’s obviously doing something right. Well done to both!

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  1. i’ve had a lot of changes in my life for the last 6 years – non stop. Alot of this time, was a very painful time as well and many times very fearful (which included my husband of 33 + years filing for a divorce and leaving. i endured great money issues, etc., too numerous to mention) But praying to my higher power and keeping faith – i’ve weathered many storms and… come through them always with a lesson to be learned. My question is this: what does the future have in store for me?