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What was Tom Hiddleston ’s awkward moment this week?

Tom Hiddleston

What was Tom Hiddleston ’s awkward moment this week?

On Sunday November 4th, Tom Hiddleston was out jogging when he ran past an animation poster of Taylor Swift talking to him on the phone. The poster showed Taylor Swift saying “Oh Tom I love you too”. Unfortunately for Tom, there was someone with a camera right there at that moment. That’s the problem for today’s celebrities, there is always someone with a camera phone watching your every move.

To Tom Hiddleston :
I feel your pain Tom. Why can’t people just leave things be? There is always someone who thinks that this kind of thing is funny. To be honest, they most likely knew your route for jogging and decided to put the poster there deliberately. If they put the poster anywhere else, it would be meaningless to all who pass it. So, it looks like someone was having a bad taste joke. You did the right thing. Rise above it and walk on by. That was a lot of effort for so little response. What a childish waste of ink.

Let’s put some cards out for you Tom, and see where you are heading.

The Hierophant Card:
This is the card of education. You can look back on your recent experience with the whole Taylor Swift episode as education. This works to your benefit in the long run. When you realise what isn’t right for you, you tend to understand what is perfect for you. It may take some time for this to come together, but then the past will fade and the future will shine.

The Hermit Card:
Here is a card that advises you to keep yourself to yourself for a while. Low key is the best way to go as someone obviously thinks you are a good target for a childish prank. Apart from them, your emotional self has been on a journey of discovery. You are approaching a time of change, which will alter things for the better. Patience is the key.

The Four of Wands:
This card shows us a balance of energy. Four is stability and it looks like the new year is offering you some new opportunities in the work front which could be very beneficial. You will have the last laugh on whoever produced that poster, or anyone else who thinks you are fair game for teasing. Look forward to a bright new start, on a project that catches your attention and your dreams.

Master Psychic Vincent’s Verdict.

Ok, let’s remember that this is the end of a year. What is done is done and what has to come is to be looked forward to with excitement. The cards show that you have some amazing new opportunities in the new year. The poster incident was a childish prank by someone, but they didn’t consider that some people have feelings, or perhaps they didn’t care. Either way, rise above it. You will have the last laugh. I’m feeling the month of April is important for you next year. So, tie up loose ends before then.


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