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Is Tori Spelling finally getting some good news?

Tori Spelling

Is Tori Spelling finally getting some good news?

We have done a few stories on Tori Spelling over the last while and they have mostly focused on the hard times she has been facing. A lot of her problems were down to cash and she and her husband Dean McDermott are struggling to repair the damaged caused there. This week she has revealed that the couple is expecting their 5th child. Now I know there are some out there who would say what are they thinking with their financial situation, but a baby is always a blessing. Hard work yes, but a blessing none the less.

Tori Spelling and Dean, I am over the moon for both of you. Coming from a large family of 12 kids myself, I can tell you that it’s not about money. It’s about that most sacred of units, the family. So pay no heed to the ones who judge. This is a big special moment for you and your family. After all the stresses and strains of the past, I am delighted at your news. This will take your attention away from the problems for a while, and allow you to relax a bit.

Master Psychic Vincent’s Verdict

The Knight of Cups.
This card is the knight in shining armour. It spells Dean’s role in his family. You quite rightly said, he is the right one for you. He comes in as the rock which holds it all together. The future is yours for the making, but with Dean as a husband, all you need to be concerned about Tori it resting up. It’s important that you and the baby are rested and well. After that, everything else comes in second.

The Four of Cups.
This is the balance of love within the home. This is where your true value is. It’s not in the material things which are in your home that are important. It’s those little pairs of feet that thunder around the house. The little people that they are and the adults they will grow to become. This is where the true value of life is. Childhood is a very short passage, every moment should be counted and recorded.

The Ten of Wands.
Here is the card of work and energy. It’s primarily a card of the home and working to put the roof over your heads. There is some good news on the horizon which should pick you up and put you just where you need to be. The path back out of the financial twist you have found yourself in is a long one, but it’s better to take it day by day. Don’t think about the destination, it will only make the journey longer.

The Verdict.

Well if this isn’t a sign from the universe that things are on the up, then I don’t know what is. This new little life is being added to your family. Times are changing, you are taking a turn for the better. 2017 is going to be a totally different year. This is a year to plan the future as you want it to be. Remember the true value of things is the people around you. Loved ones are the true currency of life. Everything else is secondary.

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