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Tori Spelling shows how to ‘make do and mend!’


Tori Spelling shows how to ‘make do and mend!’

After being on the receiving end of a huge tax bill, is Tori Spelling economizing? She was spotted out and about sporting a new ‘do.’ Tori admitted on Instagram that she had cut her own hair. Very brave!

The family, do not appear to seem fazed by the reported debts. Tori seemed in good spirits whilst shopping for toys with her son.
Are the finances about to look up for Tori and Dean?


Véronique’s Verdict

They drew the World, the Nine of Hearts and the Two of Pentacles. Despite what has been reported, I think this couple will be ok. Tori and Dean will continue to work hard and do what is demanded of them. They will attain the material rewards that will essentially continue to put food on the table and pay their bills. The Nine of Hearts shows their wish being granted. Work will continue for them, gaining the best for themselves and their family long term. The Two of Pentacles shows changes within their financial situation. I feel that they have endured changes before and some may have been uncomfortable. Tori and Dean will get through this challenge and be back on top.

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