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Does Tori Spelling see spirit?

Tori Spelling

Does Tori Spelling see spirit?

Tori Spelling is the latest celebrity to seek guidance from a psychic medium as it was recently revealed that she connected with her deceased best friend.

Losing a loved one feels devastating with all manner of emotions. We all grieve in the way that is personal to us and when we move on is equally unique. This is something that we can’t put a time frame on but we do learn to live with the loss as best we can. Tori revealed that herself and her late friend used to do everything together and that they shared the same circle of friends. She said she remembered thinking that something wasn’t quite right the night before he sadly passed. Hindsight is a wonderful science and Tori has said she wished she could have done things. This is something that she will never get back. During meditation and through the quiet moments, our intuition is strongest and this appears to be what Tori may have felt around the time.

Seeking guidance from a psychic can bring much comfort and reassurance, the focus being very much on psychic mediumship rather than a psychic intuitive. As Tori discovered, the psychic medium she consulted was able to obtain information and messages from the world of spirit. There is a saying that all mediums are also psychic but not all psychic’s are mediums and so if there is a need to connect with deceased friends and loved ones then a psychic medium is the person to go to.

Véronique’s Verdict

The reading that Tori received with regard to her friend was personal to herself. The focus on the cards drawn today pertain to her belief system around the realms of the psychic world. Tori drew the Five of Wands, the Seven of Pentacles and the Ten of Pentacles.

The Five of Wands is very much about the opposing factors of spirituality versus science. I feel that Tori believes in her own intuition but seeks ways to back this up with a more scientific approach. Similar to head versus heart.

The Seven of Pentacles represents the circumstances in which Tori felt the need to consult a psychic medium in the first place. There is a sense of frustration and worry within this card that she is was not able to determine a more favorable outcome for her friend. There will always be a sense of time being the best healer.

The Ten of Pentacles related to the consequences of loss. Consulting a psychic medium can achieve closure for many. It allows those of us left behind to let go and find the security that is needed on our life path. I feel that there is a greater appreciation of those in Tori’s inner circle and their value in her life. This is something that she cannot put a price on.

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