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Tragic news for Musician Wisin


Tragic news for Musician Wisin

We sometimes think that celebrities don’t suffer the same things as ordinary people. Because it seems they are always walking red carpets or sipping champagne on yachts. But every now and then one of them is hit with tragic news. News that makes us want to stop and reach out the hand of friendship and support. This week, Wisin the Puerto Rican reggaeton musician, songwriter and record producer. Revealed his new baby daughter Victoria has a rare genetic disorder called “trisomy 13.

Every parent everywhere would understand the worry around childbirth and rearing. The constant worry around your child’s wellbeing. Parents worry about their child’s present and their future. And being born healthy at least gives them a good start. It at least helps with their chances for the remainder of the trip through life. For the vast majority, that is the case. But every now and then tragedy strikes and parents are dealt a cruel blow. One which seems to try to trip them on the starting line.

The Disorder “Trisomy 13 or Patau Syndrome, “apparently affects every organ of the Childs body. I would not claim to be a doctor. And it wouldn’t be fitting for a psychic to give a diagnosis of this or any medical condition. Victoria’s Mother Yomaira is, as one would expect, distraught and depressed over her daughter’s condition. I’m sure there isn’t a person reading this who doesn’t feel moved by their tragic news. Many would have walked this path in one form or another. and Through this, they would have great empathy with the effects to the parents of the initial diagnosis. Although the oldest surviving person with trisomy 13 lived to be 33 years old, sadly this is a rare event.

As a spiritualist and someone who knows all souls are perfect. I find it hard to understand why some souls enter this world with an extreme disadvantage to others. Perhaps it makes us stand back and appreciate life more. We can often take for granted that children will be healthy. Or that we will be healthy and our life is a long one. Events like this which have happened to Wisin and Yomara, make us stop. And make us give thanks for the good that has entered out lives.

It also makes us realise that we are all human. We will all have tragedy in our lives at some stage, this is part of the journey. At times like this, we have to experience grief. We rely on others to help us, as grief is a heavy and hard burden to carry alone. I sincerely hope Wisin and Yamaira can find peace and strength to help little Victoria through this world.

If there is one thing they can offer her in abundance, it is love. And the love from a parent to their child is the strongest most unconditional. And it is the longest lasting love that there is on this planet. In that alone, I’m sure little Victoria is one very rich little girl. We here at 7th sense psychics would like to send our warmest wishes to Wisin, Yomaira. And to little Victoria, and her siblings Dylan and Yelena, at this hardest of times, and remind you, that you are not alone.

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