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Tree Man Syndrome – Living with Deformity

Sahana Tree Man Syndrome

Tree Man Syndrome – Living with Deformity

There are many people who have a skin disease that causes some kind of deformity on their body. Those people find it very hard to live a `normal` life. The illness can affect their day to day activities, as well as the way others see them. Even more importantly, the way they see themselves. Sometimes even going to the shop, or getting out of the house can cause difficulties. People involuntarily look at them, as if something was `wrong`. Even though it isn`t their fault, they have to live with this every day.

No matter where you are from or who you are, there are no exceptions. Tree Man Syndrome is a very rare disease, but it is very much real. Especially for the 10-year-old Sahana, who is currently being treated for tree man syndrome. She was admitted to Dhaka Medical College and Hospital on Sunday. “She has bark-like warts growing on her chin, nose and ear,” according to Dr. Samanta Lal Sen, chief plastic surgeon.

The reasons behind these mysterious skin diseases remains that, a mystery. Although the tree man syndrome can be `inherited`, not everyone develops symptoms. In fact, there are only a few known cases. The cure is also unknown, the only `solution` at the moment is plastic surgery.

Sahana`s life isn`t easy. The first signs of the disease appeared on her face when she was two years old. Although that time they didn`t resemble barks, they were `just` rashes. She also lost her mother four years ago, when she was only six. To make things worse, her father can`t afford a proper treatment for her. Luckily, the hospital is going to cover all their costs.

Let`s draw some cards to see what is in store for Sahana and her father.


Psychic Timea`s Verdict:

King of Pentacles:
Richness doesn`t only come from material gain. It represents love, abundance on every level. If it wasn`t for Sahana`s father`s caring, she wouldn`t be getting this treatment now. His influence and support is crucial, and it will pay off. Keep going, and all your needs will be taken care of.

The Lovers:
Love is important, but not only between lovers. This card reminds us, that we need to know our own worth. And in this case, it reminds Sahana that she is a loving, caring human being. She is at the age when she needs guidance and nurturing. Her belief systems are only just developing. Remember, overcoming an obstacle means that you are stronger than you thought. Challenges are what help us realize and appreciate who we really are.

Nine of Swords:

Both Sahana and her father are very worried right now. Try not to let these emotions engulf you! Fear and depression doesn’t help, try to focus on positive thoughts instead. The law of attraction will work wonders. You are nearly there!


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