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Trump and Clinton – Weekly Celebrity Horoscope

Trump and Clinton – Weekly Celebrity Horoscope

Trump and Clinton – Weekly Celebrity Horoscope

Now that the excitement of the inauguration is wearing off, both Hilary and Donald have to face reality. One day passes after another and both go on their own path. What is that path and what will happen during the first week? Is it going to be filled with tension, or are they going to forget the past and look forward?

Let`s have a look at their horoscope, to see what is in store for them for the coming week.

Psychic Timea`s Verdict:

Weekly Horoscope for Hilary Clinton:

Career: You feel left out, but that`s okay. Let it all out and give yourself time to mourn what you have lost. The most important thing is to look for something else as soon as you can. Take this time to look closely at what matters to you and what you want to achieve.

You might not be in top form. A flu might be threatening, or you re simple feeling blue. You need more rest than usual.

The company of friends and family is much appreciated this week. Although there could be minor arguments, if you aren`t careful what you say and to whom. Try to keep your mood out of the conversation, even if it seems impossible.

Leisure: You spend some time arranging and rearranging your home. You find this especially pleasurable and relaxing. All you want is harmony and that`s what will be the main characteristic of your week, too.


Weekly Horoscope for Donald Trump:

Career: You still have a lot of obstacles to overcome and this is a long-term project. You have put your expectations high and now you find it difficult to live up to them. This feeling of helplessness will pass, and remember, it`s just your perception. In reality, you are doing more than you could have imagined. You accept your responsibilities and the possible rewards and downfalls they could bring.

You are in excellent health, and full of energy this week. Physically you are in top form. Albeit emotionally you might be all over the place, this doesn`t stray you from your goals.

Some adjustments in the way you see and treat others is needed now. Otherwise you are in for a lot of disagreements and disappointment. Similarly, you feel that your loved ones don`t treat you the way they should, either. Communication is key here. Talk to them, and everything can be sorted out easily.

You are not in the mood to meet new people, although you will. Putting up a mask isn`t new to you and this time it will help, too. You will even enjoy yourself after some time. Try to keep an open mind, as you never know what will happen next. You can make some powerful alliances this week if you let it happen.


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