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Did Trump donate his salary as promised?

Did Trump donate his salary as promised?

Did Trump donate his salary as promised?

Donald Trump keeps his word. Or at least that’s what people believe all over the country. Probably that’s one of the good traits they assume he has. And they are probably right. He did fulfil many of his promises and only within the first month of his presidency. Has he fulfilled his promise to donate his presidential salary?

Most of us remember the election, and how Trump stated he wouldn’t keep his money. He would either donate it, or ‘will give it back to Treasury’. Which was quite an impressive oath, one that wasn’t unprecedented. Many presidents before Trump donated their salaries to charitable causes. Yet, his promise to do the same thing gained him many followers and it spoke volumes about his character.

Except now that the second pay check is nearly due, there is no proof he actually did it. There are plans for the future, stating that he will give it away. Does it mean that he hasn’t done so already? There are only 12 months in a year, and 2 are almost up. Will it take him the next 10 months to ‘get rid of’ that presidential salary? Sure, $400,000 might be a bit tricky to divide. There are so many charities that could benefit from that amount.

Trump also pledged to “donate all profits from foreign governments’ patronage of his hotels and similar businesses” to Treasury. Well, to date, there is no evidence of that, either. Of course, he did not say when, or how he is going to do so. He wouldn’t necessarily have to do it, shouldn’t he have promised to do so. Isn’t it his responsibility now as President of the United States to keep his promises? Let’s consult the cards to see what’s causing the delay.

Psychic Timea’s Verdict:

Knight of Wands:
Trump is a man of action. He puts a lot of effort into making his wishes come true. Sometimes he can act first and think later, which causes him to regret his decisions. Although he is quick to promise, he might not always have a clear plan ahead.

The Star:
Donald Trump is a generous person deep down. He intends to make the donation, but as we saw from the knight of wands, he doesn’t have a plan. The initial idea is there, but it will still take time to manifest. Everything will happen in due course and it will be a blessing. Both for those that receive their share, and for the President.

Ace of Swords:
This card represents the power Trump has. A power that can be used both for good and bad. It is only up to him to use it in the right way.


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  1. I think president Trump is amazing. I believe that he is exactly what we needed. Coming from a single, hard working, mother of four, I got out and voted for the first time in my life…. all because I truly believe I have a deep intuition on things… deeper than others… and I really believe he is going to maga.

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