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Trump photobombs Clinton – or other way around?

Trump photobombs Clinton – or other way around?

Trump photobombs Clinton – or other way around?

White House tours took an unexpected turn Tuesday. Lucky visitors could spot the President himself. The even luckier Jack Cornish could pose for a photograph with Donald Trump. The 10-year-old Alabama citizen will probably never forget the experience. The President placed his hands on Cornish’s shoulders, while people took pictures of them.

That wasn’t all. Just like a magician, Donald Trump jumped out from behind a room divider and voila, you could see him in the flesh. Alas, the magic trick wasn’t forgotten, either. It so happens that Trump made a speech in front of Hilary Clinton’s picture. Coincidence? Very unlikely. Especially since his movements looked very much like those of the former first lady. “Work hard, everybody, work hard,” was his most important message. Or was it? What about the one he didn’t say out loud?

It’s only recently that Trump started to appear in public this way. On Tuesday, he showed a completely difference face to the group. His human, good-natured self. While he is straight to the point and pushy in politics, this time he had a huge smile on his face. Some cheered and screamed, while others couldn’t believe their luck. Was this truly about them? Or rather a hidden message for Clinton? Or maybe both? Let’s ask the cards.

Psychic Timea’s Verdict:

King of Pentacles:
This card represents Donald Trump. He is like King Midas: everything he touches turns to gold. He likes to get involved and engages in the day-to-day activities of America. His decisions are based on careful planning and consideration. Even though he is on the ‘top’, he wants to show he doesn’t forget about the rest of us, either.

Nine of Wands:
Donald Trump’s motives have been questioned since the beginning. That doesn’t necessarily mean he doesn’t have the best interest in heart. Well, at least in this case.

Six of Swords:
This card represents Trump’s new attitude. He realized by now, that he needs to change the way he handles things. Even if not on a large scale (not yet anyway). His intentions were pure when he decided to surprise the group Tuesday. He just wanted to show he cares. Past mistakes need to be left behind, in order to progress.


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