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Should Trump pull out of the election? – A Psychic`s View

Should Trump pull out of the election

Should Trump pull out of the election? – A Psychic`s View

Just when we thought that things can`t go worse for Trump, it seems indeed that Clinton`s idea of letting him dig his own grave is working even when she isn`t present to provoke him. His former followers are now divided by his comments on the so-called “groping tape”. What`s more, he repeated the very same threat that got him the not-so-wanted attention in the first place, reassuring people that he would follow up on his “promise” to send Clinton to jail.

Although he still seems to have many loyal followers, it might be wise to admit defeat. As Clinton put it in Michigan, “Donald Trump spent his time attacking when he should have been apologizing”. And it is very clear from the first opinion poll that was carried out since the accusations, that his number of fans has dropped dramatically, bringing him down to 35%, as opposed to Clinton being at 46%.

And not only that, but Trump`s comments, or rather their after-effects have gone national since Sunday, causing thousands of women to share their opposition towards the politician. It`s quite a wave he started there, one that might easily mean the end of his glory. Even Pink Floyd`s Roger Waters called him an “ignorant, lying, racist, sexist PIG”.

Although he seems to be ignoring the fact that even members of his own party have started to abandon him, how far can he actually go without realizing his predicament? Is there anyone he can still count on, or should he resign, avoiding further damage? Let`s ask the cards.

Psychic Timea`s Verdict:

Page of Cups (Reversed) Trump relies on his emotions right now, throwing a temper tantrum. He is so intent on getting his own needs met that he reverts to childish behaviour, which masks insecurity and fear. It`s difficult to communicate or get through to him because all he cares about is to get his own voice heard.


King of Cups He indeed fails to deal with this in a major way, refusing to admit his vulnerability. This behaviour can mean a short-term escape, however, it won`t bring any long-term success. His increased self-confidence and pride won`t let him see the big picture, leading him towards a very likely defeat. He could lose way more than “just” the election.


Four of Pentacles (Reversed) According to this card, and all three of them together, he needs to take on a different perspective and appreciate how far he has gone already. He fears to admit defeat, but there is nothing more to gain here. What could be achieved is done, and any further action would only make things worse, especially if it is done out of pure selfishness. He is restricted by his own actions, and he can only break free if he masters his emotions and admits that his cause is lost.

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  1. then all our cause is lost I do not hold with socialism===I sign on this site for an astrological report on my sign not a political statement
    please remove me from you site

  2. Wow you must be a Democrat right ? Now let’s put Hillary up here with all you corrupt deeds you trying to tell people it’s over for trump ?

    1. Are you KIDDING ME?!?! Donald Trump is a Criminal! He’s been sued by the Dept. of Labor & Housing at Least 11 times, his ‘Trump University’ was proven to be a Complete Sham, the guy doesn’t even pay his taxes & you’re saying ‘Put Hillary up there’ & ‘Wow, you must be a Democrat?’ I’m sorry, but I don’t want our country to be punished with a psychopath for a president because YOU are Too Ignorant to FACT CHECK. We don’t need a psychic, people need to FACT CHECK. Oh, PS, Donald Trump has filed for bankruptcy over 300 times I believe. Yeah, This guy should Run our country…….


    1. Thank you for the predictions for the presidential election!!! Those who don’t want to know the truth well who needs them!!! This is a physic prediction website !! Just because they predict Hillary to win doesn’t mean they are Democrats or that they are for Hillary they are just telling you what the predictions are !! #WhatABaby … If you don’t want to know with the psychics predict then don’t come on this website ?? Simple as that…. just because you didn’t get your way about it …don’t be angry at what’s written in the stars !

  4. Trump did not kill children’ s and parents did never funded for war’s i have a feeling we are not going to have a President . maybe i am wrong but a lot of man higher or lower have groped women’s is just politics .

  5. I’m going to unsubscribe and will now follow 7th Sense anymore because you seem to be politically biased against Donald Trump. I wonder if Hitlary’s lies and corruption will come out if you read her cards.

    1. Yes Sonia, Please unsubscribe. The tarot reader Simply Read the Cards. Since you don’t seem to understand that I can see why you would favor a billionaire psychopath for president. Do you know How Trump became such a rich man? Have you done any research on Trump Or Hillary? I don’t want innocent citizens to be punished because our 2016 election has turned into a Circus & you’re one of the fools falling for it.

  6. Yes he is just showing what a small and petty man.He bragges about what he does to Women and then wants to say it is all lies .Look at these Women do they look like someone I would kiss.?? He don’t say he didnt do but just had to add insult to assault but then has to say that arent beautiful.Not his class of woman.He is cause anarchy in our country.

    1. Pray for God’s hand to be upon your plans and you will succeed brother. Money alone can not give you a win.

  7. I am a card reader to and sorry chick your wrong interpretation of what you want to find ..sorry but you flipped cards for your self ..with out his connection to you be it phone or person his energy vibes in a reading not what you want to project ..I am female my vote alon with many have not been cast …so don’t call the kettle black till you see the Facts !!!! …good try ..
    Not worth 4.99 a minute for you ..WOW
    I see once we post our email we are deleted ..
    FREEDOM of SPEECH is my Constitutional right ..GOD BLESS the USA …

  8. Dear Christine.
    I read with interest your response to my fellow reader and colleague Timea’s reading on Donald Trump.
    I can fully understand your stance on defending someone you believe is answering your call for what America needs as she moves into the future, and that is to be commended. You say you are a reader, as I myself am, and I come from a long line of psychics in a country far older than the America we know today.
    As a reader you would understand that when reading, your political and religious views must be left on the shelf. You cannot twist the cards to say what you want them to say. The cards along with the vibrations present in the reading, determine the outcome. Unfortunately, it upsets some people because they don’t speak with the same political views as they do. But they are from a much higher power than us mere mortals.
    Turning cards just to please people would be false reading. This is not something those of us who are dedicated to our mission in this life are not prepared to do. We must remain honest in our delivery. You also point to the fact that Hillary Clinton has Parkinson’s. Without medical practitioner qualifications, no reader should read on health issues. This would not be morally correct.
    You have been allowed your freedom of speech. But there are many Native Americans today standing in defence at Standing Rock and defending what they believe, who are being denied theirs.

    There are no easy answers in the political arena. The outcome must be right for all Americans regardless of race, color,creed or gender. We can only pray for the best outcome. We are all mere souls on a human journey, let’s make it an easier one for all.
    Liberty and justice for all. God bless America.

  9. I think its great that the 7th Sense Psychic read the cards as they were dealt and did not try to allow her own political views to influence the readings. The cards should always be called out with honesty. I appreciate that and its why I trust them. They don’t shy away from what the cards tell them.
    Go 7th Sense. PS I noticed they also did a story on Hillary Clinton’s emails today. that’s fair and balanced

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