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Trump Reversed Obama’s Protective Flooding Regulations Just Days Before Hurricane Harvey

Trump Reversed Obama’s Protective Flooding Regulations Just Days Before Hurricane Harvey

Trump Reversed Obama’s Protective Flooding Regulations Just Days Before Hurricane Harvey

If you have kept track of all the bills Trump is going after to reverse or stop from becoming law, all you have to do is look who initiated the bill. If the name Barrack Obama is on the bill, its going. It is becoming a pattern in Trump’s presidency and very noticeable that he is out to erase anything that Obama accomplished in his eight years as President. Many in both parties argue that Trump’s decision was once again a politically motivated attempt to undo President Barack Obama’s climate change legacy. Little hands will do that when they feel they are following in the footsteps of someone whose shoe size was bigger.

Just 10 days before Hurricane Harvey descended upon Texas, wreaking havoc and submerging hundreds of miles of land under water, President Donald Trump signed an executive order revoking a set of regulations that would have made federally-funded infrastructure less vulnerable to flooding. The Obama era rules, which had not yet gone into effect, would have required the federal government to take into account the risk of flooding and sea-level rise as a result of climate change when rebuilding the infrastructure after a disaster. Experts are predicting Harvey — the most powerful storm to hit the US since 2004, will cost Texas between $30 to $100 billion in damage. Congress will be called upon to send billions of federal dollars to help with the state’s recovery and rebuilding efforts. But because of Trump’s rollback of Obama’s Federal Flood Risk Management Standards, experts across the political spectrum say much of the federal money sent to Texas will likely be wasted on new construction that will be insufficient to adjust to climate change predictions.

“We will rebuild things that should not be rebuilt and … in ways that are less safe and secure than they should be,” Eli Lehrer, president of the DC free-market thinktank R Street Institute, told Business Insider.
Hana Udvardy, a climate preparedness specialist at the Union of Concerned Scientists, said it would be a “grave mistake” to rebuild in Texas without taking into consideration the increasing occurrence and severity of major storms. She added that the federal government will lag behind some 600 towns and cities that have already implemented requirements to build between one and three feet above the 100-year flood level.
Lehrer called Trump’s decision to revoke the standards “the biggest step backwards that has ever been taken in flood management policy” and said the move will waste untold amounts of taxpayer money, harm the environment, and cost lives.

Susan Z’s Conclusion:

Gee, where do you start? This flood regulation bill reversal falls right in line with Trump’s beliefs there is no global warming. You just have to start thinking that Karma might be sleeping on the job here and instead of Texas being underwater due to global warming, maybe if it hit Trump’s Mar-A-Largo Country Club in Florida (sorry Floridians, just making a point) and his golf course was under water, he might have re-considered keeping it in place.

Three of Cups:
Celebration and joy. Well you got me on this card pull. Under the terrible flooding circumstances of Texas, I would not have thought this one would have come up. So, I am going to go with Trump’s sense of triumph over decimating another of Obama’s bills.

Eight of Cups:
This is disappointment in love and leaving an unhappy situation. I believe this is the energy of the state officials who now realize that rebuilding the flood retainers will not keep up with global warming.

Two of Pentacles:
Ups and downs in career. I am going to interpret this as Trumps presidency record. He is losing more and more appointees as each bill and law he changes or puts into effect hit a personal chord with them and they leave.

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  1. I voted for Trump and that’s all I have to say ,he’s my President and I’ll vote for him again.last year’s were the most bad ever for our country .need I say more

    1. “the most bad ever” well, I suppose your lack of education and knowledge explains why you voted for Trump. Exactly the type of person your president prefers, ignorant, uneducated, and don’t mind being so!

  2. I think people are giving Trump a bad rap He is the only president that took office with no pay check he donated a million dollars of his own money to help victims of the hurricane and if people only give him a chance in office instead of nit picking at everything and every word he’s says our country would b a better place. GIVE THE. MAN A CHANCE !

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