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Trump `s Comments Increase Concern

Trump Comments

Trump `s Comments Increase Concern

Change is always inevitable, but it can be either good or bad. There is a saying that what`s good for one, isn`t necessarily good for another. This is how wars start, and this is what makes this world unique and diverse.

There are always at least two sides to every story, but failing to see that could lead to disaster. It has been a week since Donald Trump was elected to lead the United States. He made it clear on more than one occasion, that he isn`t willing to listen to the `other side`. Which, in this case includes most of the citizens. From lesbians to immigrants and women in general.

He has strong views, which is great. Yet, listening to people`s needs is something he will need to learn in order to bring the Nation together. As I said, there is always another side to the story. And although I`m sure he has the best intentions in mind, he needs to realize that.

He is against a lot of people`s views, which only raises concern among American citizens. Of course, a lot can happen until he manages to implement the suggested changes, some questions remain. Is there going to be a nation left to unite, if the radical changes force people out of the country?

“The greatest fear is that women’s health will be at risk and that women’s lives will be in jeopardy,” Tafolla said, upon receiving a comment on abortion from Trump. Some consider him to be brave to address these issues, while others say that he is too radical. If it continues this way, there will be no same-sex marriages, no immigrants and no abortion in the United States. Anyone can decide for themselves, whether this is a good or bad thing. Either way, uncertainty and fear is what describes most people`s lives since the election.

Let`s draw three cards to the groups of people who are effected the most. Let`s find out if and how they will cope with the situation:

Psychic Timea`s Verdict:

Ace of Pentacles for immigrants: Emphasis is on financial concerns right now. With the future being so fragile, they are doing everything they can to survive. This card also represents the fact that whenever a door closes, a window opens. They need to step out of their comfort zones and look for ways to cope. There are still opportunities out there to explore, so not all is lost.

Eight of Pentacles for LGBT people: They say that there is a vast amount of power in the masses. With perseverance, the tables can turn. Stick to your views and you shall be rewarded in the end. Perseverance and patience are key.

Six of Wands (Reversed) for Hilary supporters: Doubt, including self-doubt are key here. They expected to succeed, and failure came as a shock. They feel neglected and left-out. Let the initial storms pass, and things will be much clearer.

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