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Trump Didn’t Decide Who Got Fired On His Own Show, ‘ The Apprentice ’

Trump Didn’t Decide Who Got Fired On His Own Show, ‘ The Apprentice ’

Trump Didn’t Decide Who Got Fired On His Own Show, ‘ The Apprentice ’

According to Claude Aiken, a the former contestant, “NBC made those decisions.” Donald Trump made the words “You’re fired” a part of American pop culture during his time on NBC’s “ The Apprentice ”. But it turns out he may have had much less of a role in deciding who got the boot than it seemed. During a recent appearance on “Domecast”, a podcast by North Carolina’s News & Observer, Aiken revealed that Trump had very little to say in decisions when Aiken was on the “Celebrity Apprentice” in 2012. “Trump didn’t decide who got fired on ‘Apprentice,’” he said. “NBC made those decisions.” At another point, Aiken said, “He [Trump] didn’t make those decisions, he didn’t fire those people. It was very much, ‘I’m not a doctor, but I play one on TV.’”

Aiken stated the show even set up little ways to help Trump along through filming. “There used to be a little thing right on his desk that looked like a phone,” Aiken said. “He pretended it was a phone, but it was actually a teleprompter where the producers were sending him notes.” Aiken may be a Democrat who once ran for Congress in North Carolina but he tried to clarify that he wasn’t trying “to be incendiary” with his comments. He simply wanted people to know that “Trump isn’t the businessman that people believe he is.” “He did look like he was leading. But on ‘The Apprentice’ he doesn’t lead,” Aiken said. “He’s told by the producers, ‘Here’s what happened. Here’s who should win.” Now that Trump has risen from a TV personality to president of the United States, Aiken can’t help but imagine Trump is “leading the country in the same way that he did ‘The Apprentice.’” He said, “I think to myself, the man as president definitely has a teleprompter sitting on his desk right now with people telling him, ‘Well such and such is in the healthcare bill, don’t say this.’” But, he added, “I feel like half the time his teleprompter has broken down as president and he doesn’t know what’s going on.” Aiken finished second during his 2012 run on “Celebrity Apprentice.”

No OMG! News Here As It Has Long Been Suspected That Trump Is Clueless Unless Told What Is Going On

Susan Z’s Conclusion:

It seems that everything Trump has been a part of has a “smoke and mirrors” illusion attached to it. I do not believe that we will ever see who the real Trump is, only what he wants others to see and believe he is.

Princess of Pentacles: Inverted (Upside Down)
This is young creative energy and new plans. Being drawn inverted, I feel that Trump is running out of steam in re-inventing himself. I believe that Trump felt being President of the United States would finally bring him the respect that he so craves but has done just the opposite. Now constantly making him a target of embarrassing guffaws as a world leader.

Queen of Pentacles: Inverted
This is a woman that status is important but also has a desire to be of service. This card could represent either his daughter Ivanka or his wife Melania, with both of them not getting exactly what they signed on for in association with Trump’s circus he calls his life.

Knight of Pentacles:
This is young energy who is solid, honest but stubborn in their beliefs. I believe this card represents Aiken’s views on Trump and him seeing up close and personal how Trump creates an illusion of power and control.

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