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Trump UN Speech: Blessing or Disaster?

Trump UN Speech

Trump UN Speech: Blessing or Disaster?

Those who have been following the US President’s career so far know that he is passionate about America. Bold and provocative, true, but as he stated many times, he always puts American citizens first. His UN speech was yet another proof of his temperamental leadership. It left people inspired, while others saw controversy in it.

According to Donald Trump, every nation should put their own people first. That’s the right thing to do. And when there is a threat against the nation, the leaders should unite and fight those threats together. His policy clearly states that one shouldn’t give in to the demands of terrorists and the sort. But to what extent is he willing to protect America from such threats?
We have learned throughout history that replying to violence with violence hardly ever brings peace. It only brings more war. So, Trump’s words about eliminating those who threaten his people might seem harsh to some. Although on the other hand, some of his supporters are fed up with people beating around the bush. They think that these issues cannot be faced in any other way, so Trump’s boldness was well received amongst them.

As it turns out from his speech, “America First” can be interpreted to other countries, too. United by a common goal, but looking after their own interests first. Is it truly possible? And is violence the only way? Let’s consult the cards to see what will be the consequences of this policy. Will it write history, or be the worst decision ever made by a president?

Psychic Timea’s Verdict:

Eight of Wands:
There is a sense of urgency here. The time of waiting and ‘sitting around’ is over, and something needs to be done, fast. Opportunities were missed in the past, and Trump will make sure that doesn’t happen again.

Five of Wands:
Careful planning is still needed, but long term results can’t be achieved by old methods. Facing issues that arise is crucial in order to build a strong foundation, on which America can stand. These are fragile times, and as such, need to be handled with care.

Page of Swords:
Even in these challenging times, Trump’s words echo in many minds and hearts. His enthusiasm and energy is contagious, and people will follow his lead. He might not be liked, but his main purpose right now is to get the job done. At all cost.

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