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Find Out Why Trump’s Businesses are Failing

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Trump’s Businesses Are Failing… Why?

There has been a major controversy since Donald Trump took up his seat as President of the United States. Well, one that concerned his businesses, that is. He sort of got around the issues, resigning and monitoring his businesses from far. He assigned the most important roles to family members and close friends. Hoping to continue from where he left off if (or when) his presidency ends.

That’s all well, except for one thing: he might not have anything to go back to. According to reports filed in the UK, Trump’s businesses in Scotland are basically failing. The two golf resorts lost him more than $53 million last year alone. That’s quite a lot of money, even for the President.

It might be time to move on. But, knowing how much Trump loves his golf courses, he probably wouldn’t give them up anyway. His first months as president also proved his ‘in for a penny, in for a pound’ philosophy. He isn’t the type of person who would back down when things go sour.

And yet, this ‘mysterious’ loss is still unaccounted for. When asked, one of the workers said that the resort has never been so busy. So, they should be making tons of money, instead of cumulating debt after debt after debt… Right? What is it that goes wrong, despite the popularity? Could it be Karma, or simply a lack of proper management?

Let’s ask the cards.

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Card One: Four of Pentacles

News about finances can be overwhelming, especially if they aren’t all that positive. This card represents the fact that everyone tends to forget what’s most important in life. It might be that money was too much in the focus, and that’s why it won’t stay. To teach a lesson of being able to let go and rethink the priorities.

Four of Pentacles

Card Two: Ten of Wands

Trump’s idea to buy the resorts might have been brilliant. But as much as he loves playing golf, it seems like managing the resorts isn’t his strong suit. Unfortunately, he is in way over his head this time.

Ten of Wands

Card Three: Six of Cups

Holding onto the past isn’t necessarily a good thing. Especially when it’s time to let go. However, these resorts bring back fond memories of Trump’s childhood, so he probably won’t let them go anywhere.

Six of Cups

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