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Donald Trump’s Family in the White House

Donald Trump’s Family in the White House

Donald Trump’s Family in the White House

Donald Trump’s Family in the White House. Choosing your most trusted advisor isn’t the easiest task that one could solve without careful consideration. You need to decide whether your opinion is subjective enough and whether they will serve the same cause as you. This is especially hard if you are about to become the next President of the United States.

Rumours have spread within the last few weeks that Donald Trump intends to name his son-in-law his senior adviser. Some say that this decision would not only undermine the trust and respect of Trump’s followers but break the law.

Ever since the reign of Kennedy, no president attempted to bring their family members to the White House. And there was a valid reason for that. Not only does it raise ethical questions, the 1967 anti-nepotism law forbids this kind of act. So, could this be Trump’s first attempt at trying to find out just how far he can reach? Or is it simply a case of him being certain that Jared Kushner is the man for the job?

Still a lot can happen until the final decision is made. However, judging by the way Trump has been handling things, he won’t stop until he finds a way. If this is what he truly wants, that is. But a more important question is: what do American citizens want? And what will be the consequences if this new form of administration takes place? Does the law not effect the President? And can one rule effectively, if his choices are biased?

Let’s consult the cards. I’m going to draw one for Trump, one for Kushner and one for America.

Psychic Timea’s Verdict:

Queen of Cups for Donald Trump: Instead of rational thinking, this card represents being taken over by emotion. It very much seems like Trump follows his heart on this question. But will this prove to be the wise choice? When it comes to family, his intuitions are good, so Jared might have a talent for the job.

Three of Cups for Jared Kushner: Trump can expect a great amount of support from his son-in-law. Jared is a true friend, and they share a harmonious friendship. He also has a strong power to bring the masses together to pursue a common goal.

Knight of Pentacles (Reversed) for America: There is a sense of boredom that hovers over America. People feel the need for change, but they cannot see it happening yet. More flexibility is required, and the ability to adapt to change. If something is different, it isn’t necessarily bad. Let time take its course!



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