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Trust Your Cat’s Instincts on Love Relationships


Must Love Cats in Love Relationships

Sure, dogs are a man’s best friend, although cats are not far behind. Women tend to prefer cats in general; however, men love cats, too. Famous men who love cats are: Mark Twain, Charles Dickens, Ernest Hemingway, Jackson Galaxy (My Cat From Hell television show), Simon Tofield (Simon’s cat YouTube videos), James Bowen (owner of a Street Cat named Bob), and Robert Dollwet (Catmantoo video, famous one was his cat on a skateboard). Real men do love cats!

Still, many men do prefer dogs, which can cause problems in love relationships. Some men even will ask their women to give up their cats. Ladies, never give up your beloved fur child to please a man. If he truly loves you, he’ll put up with your cat. Respond to any ultimatums with one of your own, such as he must give up his: car, pet, child, or anything else he loves. There are men who have allergies to cats that are willing to get allergy shots in the name of love.

For those of you who are single, remember to pay attention to your feline friend’s judgement of a potential mate. Midnite, my cat who died in 2008, really disliked an old boyfriend of mine. Boy was she spot on! Yet, she would make goo-goo eyes at a male friend of mine.

The cat knows

Here’s an extreme example of trusting your cat’s intuition from my book Psychic Wisdom on Love and Relationships:

A friend of mine told me how her cat really disliked an old boyfriend of hers. She finally decided to trust her kitty and break up with him, because while he was sleeping, the kitty took a poop by his head!

One reason men and some women dislike cats are because they tend to think of them as unfriendly, untrainable, and dangerous with their claws; obviously many feral cats behave in this way.

Every cat has a different personality: friendly, shy, playful, lazy, lap cat, or walks all over the place as you pet them. Cats are even trainable, too. My two cats may not ride a skateboard; nevertheless, I trained them to do: high five, stand up on their hind legs, jump up, follow, sit, and wear a harness to walk outside when they were four and six years old.

Tips to loving cats

Often a non-cat lover discovers they truly do enjoy their company upon meeting the right one. Here are some tips:

  1. Explain to them that unlike dogs, cats need to approach a human on their terms in order to feel safe and secure.
  2. Show your partner how to play with your kitty, then let them play together.
  3. Feeding cats is a way to its heart; therefore, ask your lover to give kitty a treat and/or do the mealtime feeding.
  4. Teach them how to pet your cat and areas to avoid.
  5. Discipline kitty when he/she misbehaves.
  6. Spending time without you assist them to bond.
  7. Watch the show My Cat From Hell or cat discipline videos to educate your mate on feline behaviors.

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Pamela’s Verdict

Many times your partner will learn to enjoy your cat’s company or at least tolerate it. Please remember when you adopt a kitty or two that you made a commitment for their entire life.

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